Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This One's About Books

Ooh, I'm so antsy to post about Halloween. Alas, I shall not shove it down everybody's throats as the supermarkets have been doing since August. Instead, I will discuss what I did last night and then post jewelry that is not at all related! Perhaps in a separate post.

There's the title. Mouthful, right? Buy it here: Amazon.

Anyhow, the BF met me at Town Hall last night (43rd Street) so we could attend "An Evening with Ira Glass and the New Kings of Non-Fiction." I've spoken about Ira before, here, and any more talk of him would propel me dangerously into gushing. The event was created to support the very admirable 826 Chicago. In their words:

"826CHI is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write."

Mr.Glass edited the book, titled the same as the evening, and it's sales support the foundation as well. Through some miracle, we got second row from the stage seats. Of course, I couldn't find my phone (to take a pic), and when I shuffled around my bag for it, I imagined everyone on the room was staring at me. Chuck Klosterman, Susan Orlean and Malcolm Gladwell were guest Kings for the event. These are three of my favorite non-fiction writers, and, though their styles are disparate, they were all extremely funny and charming.

The book is full of previously published stories, many of which I'd already read, but it's still worth owning. Sometimes it's nice to have all those great stories bound up in one place.

If you're not into the whole reading thing, you can also support the Brooklyn post of 826 by going to the Superhero Supply Store (Please click on the link to make this bigger, reading it might make your day):

Ira said that there's a fan in case you want to check out how a particular cape will look flying behind you. I know a lot of people are concerned about that.

Chinese_Fashion on Flickr has a great set of photos from the inside: 826 NYC


WendyB said...

You were totally stalking your crush!

In Yr Fshn said...

Ha! Which one? I've also got a thing for Gladwell. Oh these literary men break my heart every time...

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