Wednesday, October 3, 2007

All Tied Up

I don't know. I really thought bows were supposed to have their 15 minutes last year, but I can't find much evidence. My mom's been bugging me to find a copy of a bow necklace she saw in an old Myrna Loy (maybe?) film. No luck today, ma. Some other cute ones turned up. Does anyone know if bows are so last year? Does it even matter? They straddle the line between cute and subtle, not a common pairing for jewelry.

Vera Wang Twisted Wire Bow Bridesmaid Ring, $90

Sterling Silver Bow Necklace, $25

Little Black bow earrings, $16

1950's Green Rhinestone Bow Necklace, £45.00

Bow tie Ring, £28.00

Dollydagger Bow, £24.00

Copper Bow Necklace, art piece
("COPPER BOWS: Luxurious copper braid used in electronics to remove solder becomes feminine adornment, paired with pearls and sterling silver.")

Bow bracelet, $228

Tina Tang Bow Earrings, $45

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Bow Necklace, $465

Kim & Maki Bowtie Bracelet, $50


WendyB said...

Well, of course I love those Tina Tang earrings! Even if I didn't know Tina, I'd say those are very cute (and well-priced). I've never been decided on what I think of bows either. Ask me again if I'm suddenly inspired to do a bow piece and I'll tell you they are the hottest things ever!

In Yr Fshn said...

I'm still undecided. I would wear about three of the pieces I posted.... Tina Tang earrings included, of course!

Vintage Bunny said...

I now like bows......they are beautiful!

Lady N said...

Such cute jewelry! Bows were all over the runways during fashion week - they're back!

jdbsusanna said...

Very nice. I like the first ring -- so delicate.