Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Getting Ahead of Things: X-Mas Shopping 2007

Behemoth Christmas Tree '06. This year will be bigger. I'm very competitive. Even with myself.

Though I don't take advantage of it as often as I should, I know New York City is a great place to find interesting stores, jewelry, clothing... what have you.
all across town trying to buy cool presents for people (and maybe one or two for myself) during my lunch break, which seems to steadily stretch from an 60 minutes to almost two hours. If it's slow, nobody cares.

Christmas is the one time I'm all about spending a lot of money and finding the most unusual gifts. Brooklyn has been a great source over the years, but one of my recent favorites is Edge*ny NOHO. Located on the ground level of the Louis Sullivan Building at 65 Bleeker Street, Edge is like a really cool indoor market. With a lot of jewelry. (Clothing and other accessories too.) I'm not gonna lie---it's a little annoying to navigate. You see, I hate talking to salespeople, and with 65 little shops... well, you do the math. But the minor frustrations are worth it when you walk out with a really unique piece (that usually ends up being fairly affordable).


The website lists all the participating designers. Here are few of my favorites:

Judith Haas

Bijoutique NY

J. Weber Jewelry

Maiflores NY

And if your day is dragging like mine, this might cheer things up:

Stella, mosaic-like on the other side of the shower door


WendyB said...

AW!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I notice any jewelry when faced with such a cute cat picture!

In Yr Fshn said...

You can't! Now I feel bad for posting those jewelers... who is gonna give 'em a second glance? Stella is too smushy!

WendyB said...

Does she like water or dislike it?

Bobble Bee said...

I've never heard before of this indoors market! Sounds really promising. Thanks for the input.

PS: your cat is the cutest! I want to squish it so badly!!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

wow! those Judith Haas creations are gorgeous!

Shaz said...

the judith haas ring is so spectacular, well at least i think its a ring...

In Yr Fshn said...

Wendy: She has a love/ hate relationship with water. She likes to sit in the tub after we take showers, and she'll dip her tail in the water if I'm taking a bath, but that's the extent. It's like she's pretending she doesn't realize she's getting wet. She's a little weirdo.

Bobble Bee: You should totally go; it's very worthwhile. Also, I gave her a squish for you!

Fashion Tidbits: Aren't they?

Shaz: They're bracelets actually, but still pretty! I wish she had a ring like that...