Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tagged... I'm it!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I've been tagged by the lovely Lady N of Flair to tell you all six interesting things about me. I can't promise they'll be interesting to you, but they interest me!

1. I read A LOT: Since I take the train to work everyday, I usually breeze through a book every other day. I've memorized my library card number, and all the librarians know me by name. I'm a little proud of this.

Yes, she is holding a cat. Similarities to me? Why, what do you mean?
2. Which brings me to...: My favorite author is Barbara Pym, who wrote very British "comedy of manners" type novels chock full of bumbling vicars, excellent women (unmarried women who help out at the church jumble sales), and small town gossip.

Two quality Pym quotes:
"There are no sick people in North Oxford. They are either dead or alive. It’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference, that’s all." from Crampton Hodnet

"Miss Doggett again looked puzzled; it was as if she had heard that men only wanted one thing but had forgotten for the moment what it was." from Jane and Prudence (my favorite)

3. I am fascinated with medical disorders, especially ones concerning the brain: My favorite NPR show is Radio Lab, which dedicates each episode to different functions of the body. I am currently in the middle of (neurologist) Oliver Sacks' "An Anthropologist on Mars" which is about rare brain disorders, and I've just become obsessed with the TV show House. In the last episode, a 12 year old kid had anthrax poisoning AND leprosy!!
I've also loved the Bubonic plague since childhood.

4. I get very tired at concerts: The pounding bass has lulled me to sleep more often then I'd like to say. I barely saw any of The Dismemberment Plan (their last show ever, btw), and, well, Steely Dan was a seated concert. What did they expect?

5. My favorite jelly bean flavor is...: Buttered Popcorn. It sounds gross, I know, but just give it a shot. Apparently, it was the favorite for a couple of years. It's been bumped to #2 by Very Cherry. Sad.

6. When I like a song I have a tendency to listen to it over and over again: This drives my boyfriend crazy. Yesterday, I listened to Beirut's Nantes about, oh, 70 times.

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Lady N said...

I do the same thing to when I like a song! I have to listen to it over and over so that I know all the words!

WendyB said...

I will never look at you the same way.

In Yr Fshn said...

Wendy, of course you will! They always get used to it... Anyhow, you sound like one of those Very Cherry crazies!

Vintage Bunny said...

I havent heard of Barbara Pym but I want to check her out.I love British authors.Have you read P G Wodehouse ?And Dorothy Gilman(she wrote the Mrs Pollifax series)
We bought my stepson on his birthday all the gross jelly bean flavors(puke,booger,sand,worm)and made him try them out!!

In Yr Fshn said...

VB: I've read Wodehouse, but never Gilman. I'll look for her at the library. I love Pym so much I am considering attending an annual convention at Harvard in February. Two full days of Pym!
Your poor stepson! They are actually making a trick bag of beans where the good favor and bad flavor or the same color and you just have to take a chance. Masochistic, if you ask me!

The Clothes Horse said...

All very interesting facts. But buttered popcorn as a jelly bean flavor..?

In Yr Fshn said...

Clothes Horse, I'm tellin ya, they must be tried. So. Good.

Bobble Bee said...

I'm SO glad someone tagged you!!

BOOOOOKS!!!!!!! I used to have all my books read during subway trips but then one day I realized that all the stories were getting "dark" connotations ... It's the subway effect!. So i took my books outside and now all is much better.

Anonymous said...

i also repeat songs over and over again, whats the point of listening to a 100 crap songs when you can listen to one good one a 100 times right? to tell you the truth i hate jelly beans and the sound of buttered popcorn flavour isnt helping lol