Monday, October 1, 2007

Apple Pickin'

(Apple pie pic from here)

Bf and I went on an idyllic little trip to the East End of Long Island this weekend in search of some apple picking. We found it in the form of a sprawling farm filled with what felt like five million children. The trees, as it turned out, were dwarf size, to accommodate the little tykes. Yay.

We were both pretty surprised to find out that most of the trees had been picked clean, but that's kids for you. Greedy.

It wasn't what I thought it would be, but we managed to have fun and come home with more apples then two people who really like apples need. I need to bake a pie, I guess. Which, by the way, is something I'm really good at. Oh, I know a lot of people say that, but did those people work in an orchard bakery for three years? Didn't think so.

It was probably the best and worst job I'll ever have... I smelled like cinnamon crumb all the time, I lost about 15 lbs and converted another 10 or so to muscle (tuppleware full of apples=very heavy), I had to be there at 5 am or earlier every morning... I miss it often. I miss leaving a floury shadow in the car and bringing home pies all the time. I miss trying out new lattice designs on the pies, and carving pictures in the dough tops. I miss the rolling pin, and the camaraderie of six people in a small space and waiting for the ovens to warm up on chilly fall mornings. If it paid more then $7/ hour (well, that was in 1997), I would consider heading back.

Anyhow, in honor of our weekend, and my past life as a baker, here's your apples:

Gigi Caron Apple Necklace, $990

Apple Pie Bracelet, $18

Lizzie Scheck Apple Necklace, $365.00

Disney Snow White Apple Ring, $11

Happy Apple Earrings, $10

Gin Emerald Jade Apple Pendant Necklace, $39.95

Apple Ring, 6800 Yen

If you are giving your apple jewelry as a present...

Apple Ring Box Lot


WendyB said...

Ooh, that first necklace is really nice! I kid, I kid. The Happy Apple Earrings are delightful! I had to smile back at them. Loved your story from your baking days. You never know what interesting skills people are hiding. If you were an actress, you could put "pie-baking" on your list of talents. Speaking of, did you see the movie "Waitress"? Or does that much pie give you PTSD? (Pie Traumatic Stress Disorder)

WendyB said...

In case you're looking for Halloween things:

penelope said...

love love the cute apple earrings!! haha!!
anyhow it seems like a tough job u haf but apple pie= YUMM!!! i wna learn tt too!! do a post on yr fave recipe eh? haha!

In Yr Fshn said...

Wendy: There were therapists outside the bakery when each shift finished, so I was happliy able to avoid PTSD... for now.

I kind of loved Waitress. We saw it whilst on vacay in Seattle and everything about the experience was awesome. Maybe I saw the movie with apple-peel colored glasses? It was in the ancient, huge theatre, down the street from a great cupcake place and erotic bakery. (Two different places.) There were maybe ten people in the whole theatre. We sang the song the rest of the week as we touristed about. Did you like it?

Also, I've been collecting Halloween stuff for a month now, so thank ye!

Penelope: Thank you! I'll post my recipe, but it's a lot about improvisation... making the pie your own!

WendyB said...

Yes, I liked the movie. But now I like the idea of an erotic cupcake bakery!

In Yr Fshn said...

Oh they had erotic everything. BF wouldn't go in with me, and I was too bashful to go alone, but they had some stuff in the window. Very big...cookies. Ahem. Their phone number ended in 6969. I'll post a pic...

WendyB said...

LOL! Awesome phone number.

krissy said...

that pie looks so yummy! i'm impressed by your baking skills. i've never made a pie...making the crust seems way too intimidating to me!

In Yr Fshn said...

Krissy, that's what my pies look like, but that's not mine! I never got around to photographing one. Anyhow, the dough is by far the hardest part and I'm almost a little off it after those bakery years of making 30 # loads using five or six cans of Crisco. That's a lotta lard, you know?

Just buy pre-made dough! You can do it!

WendyB said...

I forgot to mention that I sold one of those apple pendants the other week... to a gal named Jen!

In Yr Fshn said...

Well, she spells her name differently, so I guess it's okay. I'm still pretty jealous though.