Monday, October 22, 2007

Manual Labor

Perhaps Caeser was the original gangster after all?

Last week, I didn't think much about the two finger ring I posted under Medieval Rings. That is, I didn't think much until Wendy singled it out in the comments. Since then, I've seen it in a fashion magazine (and, in a stroke of sublime stupidity, did not tear it out, thinking that I would remember where I had seen it), and many a dream has been populated with a two-digit ring wearing population.

The ring posted on that fateful day last week was a Roman version from the 4th century.

The Medieval Rings website notes that they may have been worn as funereal jewelry, but most people think they were just a quick and easy way to load the fingers with rings, as was common practice at the time.

It seems nowadays that one of the most prominent wearers of the two-finger ring participate in what some may call the "thug lifestyle."

Supporting evidence to this claim found in the lyrics to "Ice Cream" by Raekwon:
"Whos that queen bee chick, eyes curly black
Freaks be movin in fly sneaks
Two finger rings and gold teeth, and aint afraid to hold heat
So when I step in the square dear
You better have cream to share"

Two Finger Men's Sterling Silver ring, $24.99

But maybe I jumped the gun... it seems there's room in everybody's life for some two finger ring action.

The Goth:

Chained Gothic Two-Finger Rings, $3.59

The Whimsical Thug:

Two finger ring by Edith Schenider

The Sports Addict:

Bicycle built for two... fingers ring, $350

The Alien Conspiracy Theorist:

Two Finger Floating Saucer Series Ring

If you are Banksy's girlfriend and need a good gift:

Graffiti Ring, £58 -£75.

A great present for a forgetful friend:

14K Name ring, $962.55. Diamonds extra.

Jeweler Noah Landlow has a whole collection dedicated to the idea of control:

Native American artist Richard Tsosie has more of a one-and-a-half finger version:

And let's wrap things up with some controversy...
Two finger rings played a prominent role in a brouhaha surrounding teachers and the fast food chain Hardees:

"The commercial shows a group of male students in a classroom being taught by a female teacher in a tight gray skirt. The sexy teacher stands at the chalkboard, turns, stands on her desk and begins to dance and pull on her blouse while the two male students rap about their love of "flat buns," to promote Hardee's new Patty Melt Thick Burger, with grilled, flat rye bread.
In once scene, the boys erase a portion of an oversized gluteus maximus on the chalk board, but not before flashing two finger rings that read "flat buns."

From All Hip Hop


WendyB said...

Holy cow! You found way more examples than I could have anticipated. Great research. The "forgetful friend" comment made me LOL. The bicycle is hilarious too! Very clever.

WendyB said...

P.S. I think teachers should stand on desks and shake their asses more often. Liven things up a bit.

In Yr Fshn said...

Thanks! Re the forget friend: I guess I never understood the whole name jewelry thing. It seemed like a dumb blonde joke.
Myself? I want that "Buns" ring. In agreement about the teachers as long as the mens do it too.

WendyB said...

I wish I could find that two-finger ring for you from Kaviar and Kind, but their site is a bitch to navigate. Doh! I will just email my contact there, it's a good reason to say hello.

In Yr Fshn said...

Oh, another ring in this post would be great. I looked very hard for a modern Olsen-esque piece like we discussed... to no avail.
Let me know!

Shaz said...

The Edith Schenider is awesome and the bicycle one is so clever..forgetful friend...hahaha your hilarious

riz said...

Ha - my BF loves the show "Dexter" I might get that for him. Oh wait it's $900

Anonymous said...

I love that commercial. You would have my approval on any post with that tacked on, ha ha ha.

But I really like this idea... definitely very unusual. I think my favorite is the saucer one!

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