Monday, October 1, 2007

Jewelry in the Next Post!

(view from the roof of the Met)

I vowed to get three things done this fall:
1. Go apple picking.
2. Go to the Botanical Garden to see... something. Japanese flower show. It's on my fridge.
3. Go to the Met to see The Age of Rembrandt show, featuring my favorite artists, Vermeer and Gerard ter Borch.

Generally, my Autumn lists do not come to fruition, and are instead kicked over to the next year in the hopes that another 365 days of preparation will finally allow me to see these things.
By some miraculous alignment of the planets, I was able to cross off 1 and 3 this weekend. 2 doesn't start until late October, or else I probably would have hauled butt to Uptown or Brooklyn---wherever that thing is. Anyhow, of course I forgot my camera, but inspiration came in the form of both list items this weekend. Today's all about the apples, but first, my favorite painting from the (very, very, very crowded) Met show:

(Curiosity, ca. 1660, Gerard ter Borch (Dutch, 1617–1681)
Click for larger view.

Look at that skirt. Do you see the fabric? I wanted to touch the actual paining; that's how persuasive his satin is.

In case you were thinking of heading to the Met:
*You really don't have to pay $20 per person; that's suggested. When my mom and I approached the counter, the woman "suggested" $40 and I handed her $9. All was well and nobody whispered "Cheapskate!" behind us.
*It was a six room show and on Saturday at 1 PM, every one of those rooms was packed to capacity. Don't go on the weekend, if you can help it.
*I'm kind of anti-Rembrandt, so, in my opinion, you can skip a bunch of those pieces. Yawn.
*If it looks interesting from far away, push through to read the caption. Nine out of ten times, there's a fascinating story. Some of the jewelry on these ladies!
*Head to the roof to see the Frank Stella abstracts and take some photos of the skyline. One of the most beautiful views in the city.

Mom and I on the roof


WendyB said...

What? You didn't hear me whispering, "Cheapskate"??? I was doing it in my loudest stage whisper. Oh well. What great photos! Not only are you and your mom as cute as buttons, but I'm starting to think I want you to cut my hair.

In Yr Fshn said...

Ha! I thought that was my guilty conscience. Or some Wizard of Oz-style speakers the attendant turned on when she got a cheapy.

Re hair: Even bigger HA! Who are you kidding? You have the most awesome hair cut around!

WendyB said...

Reminds me of a funny story from Metropolitan Diary in the Times long ago. Someone was in a bus and saw her friend out the window and was yelling to her: "Rose! Rose!" And the woman on the street was looking all over and didn't see anyone. So the woman in the bus took advantage of the moment and yelled, "REPENT!"

In Yr Fshn said...

LOL!!! I loved that column. It's not in the paper anymore, is it? I rarely buy the print edition any longer (used to get it for free in school) and have since forgotten a lot of what I read. Now I'm a Life & Style/ Ethicist girl almost exclusively.

WendyB said...

They dropped Met Diary for a while but it's back by popular demand. I understand the Metro editor is trying to get rid of it again, because of course the stories are all impossible to confirm independently. There are two stories set on buses today. Why do all the funny things happen on buses? Hmm. Mysterious.

Vintage Bunny said...

You and your mom are so cute.......
That skirt looks so real but those women in the paintings are ugly!!!
We have an art exhibition going on though they change it every year to a differant period,I need to check whats showing.
About the apple picking....there was a tree in our neighbourhood just bursting with apples and I was dying to pick some.One day when hubby,me and the dog went for a walk,hubby did just that!Luckily the house it belongs to is empty!