Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Resolution #1: Calm down with the chocolate. Ever since these babies went half off at the supermarket, I've been eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

(Pic from Candy Blog)
They are basically Cadbury Mini Eggs, but with less egg shape and more Christmas. Also, resolution #1 may quickly be broken by Easter.

Speaking of Cadbury--Deep Fried Creme Eggs, anyone? Mmmm.

(Pic from Lovescool)
I think I've mentioned before that I grew up in Northern New York, a land of strip malls, sweatpants and morbid obesity. Anyhow, one of the biggest social events every year was the Orange County Fair, right in the heart of Middletown. Oh the artery-clogging bliss that could be found there! In addition to the general fair menu of fried dough and kabobs, we had fried Twinkies, fried brownies, and fried Hostess cupcakes! Isn't your mouth watering?

Resolution #2: Wear socks more often. Self-explanatory.

Resolution #3: Post some fancy and in no way affordable vintage emerald jewelry. Done and done.

1.61ct Diamond and Emerald Art Deco Ring, $10,700

Late Victorian Bracelet, $15,750

Emerald and Pearl Ballerina Charm, $650

18K Emerald and Yellow Gold Bracelet, $6100

The word Emerald is said to originate from Sanskrit, meaning green. An Austrian created the first accepted synthetic emerald, but the real stuff comes from areas of Europe, Africa, South America, India and the Middle East. It's May's birthstone, and perhaps because of it's geographical origins, the emerald is a very biblical stone, popping up all over the old testament.

The emerald's myths run old and wide:
-In the Catholic Church, green has a special meaning as well, since it has always been considered the most natural and elementary color in liturgy. Some say that an emerald in a shape of a bowl fell off the Satan’s crown. That bowl was later used by Christ at the last supper, and Joseph of Arimathea caught Christ’s blood dripping from the cross in that bowl, founding the order of the Holy Grail.
- Associated with the Greek goddess Venus, the stone was said to protect lovers from unfaithfulness.
- A noted healing gem, emeralds are associated with eyesight, said to help infections and inflammations.
- Good for memory and aids public speakers in eloquence and creativity.
(Info from Jewels for Me and Wikipedia)

The Mogul Emerald is one of the largest and most famous. It's a 217 carat rectangular slab inscribed on one side with Islamic prayer, and ornate flower imagery on the opposite side. An anonymous buyer purchased it for $2.2 million in 2001.
(For more information on the Mogul Emerald, as well as other famed emeralds, go to


WendyB said...

I'm a Cadbury addict. On the other hand, I generally don't like emeralds for weird personal superstitious reasons related to a single necklace, but I wish someone would buy me that Mogul one.

LoveHateSensation said...

I wish i was a millionaire (or that someone who was a millionaire loved me enough) to buy me the 1.61ct Diamond and Emerald Ring..haha

Nice Blog

Heather said...

Those emerald pieces are all gorgeous! I want the one with the dancer.

I need to lay off the chocolate covered cherries for real, they're a habit that, if not curbed soon, could go on well past Valentine's day...

Jill said...

Emerald is my birthstone, and all the jewellry you posted is gorgeous. After all the positive effects you listed I may have to get myself something with an emerald in it, something more affordable of course.

atelier said...

I am trying to give up chocolate too, but it's so hard, especially now when the exams are so near:(! Great vintage choices! My favourite is the pearl and emerald charm.

The Clothes Horse said...

Ah, that bracelet! And chocolate. I have been such a terrible eater this break--I went a whole day just eating pinwheel cookies and crackers. Eep!

Susie Bubble said...

I must say... I hvae a bit of an aversion to American chocolate so Cadbury's does rule...

I love the jewellery you have posted...very decadent!

Vintage Bunny said...

I love Cadbury too,it was the main chocolate brand in India.I love the roast almond cadbury bars!
I never knew emeralds were so expensive.My husband bought me a teeeeeeeeeeensy one for our first anniversary!!
they are beautiful are' nt they?Maybe he will buy me the big one for our 10th anniversary!!(Not quite there yet!)

Lady N said...

oh I love that pendant - so pretty. I don't think I own a single emerald anything!

jdbsusanna said...

I'm addicted to the mint chocolates from Lindt. Just talking about them makes me want one, even though I just ate breakfast!
All of those pieces are gorgeous, but the bracelet in particular is to die for!
It's also worth mentioning that emerald is a relatively soft stone -- compared to a ruby or a diamond -- so it's a little more delicate.

riz said...

Emeralds are gorgeous. I love the Modul but have never heard of it before.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!! Orange County, NY is where my aunt lives, my cousins used to live there, one still does, my granparents used to live there.. Haha..

Eww, why would they fry Twinkies? :P

Fashion's Darling said...

Oh I just love the emeralds you posted! I think you've inspired me to get one (but way more affordable) or something something green =). I love chocolate too much to give up! Before you give up chocolate I suggest you try Bella's Confections...they are absolutely fab!

Luv the blog!