Thursday, January 17, 2008

In a Box

I've found [German jeweler] Anne Gericke's designs captivating since I first saw them almost a year ago. It's not often that a jeweler uses a piece to literally tell a story... Here are some works from her "Snapshot" series.

Young Couple on a Bench Pendant, $405

Old Couple on a Bench Pendant, $456

Bathing Women Necklace, $504

Three Men and a Woman Necklace, $505

And some more from her website:

Today's Jewelry features a tired girl with a much-loved Hammer Bubble Necklace bought for $10 at Urban Outfitters.

Also, some shiny silver studs... I've had to buy more since a fair portion of my tiny earrings have been lost to the bathroom drain monster, who is presumably now very well accessorized.

(Monster pic from Bill Casselman's website. Earrings from Peggy Li, Refinery29, Madame Bijoux and Erie Basin.)


WendyB said...

Those box things are eerie but fascinating.

ambika said...

The box earrings make me think of those amazingly detailed snow globes...wish I could remember the artists name.

And I love your rendering of the drain monster.

Sharon said...

A+ in witty photo-shopping!

How come most Urban jewelery is so expensive? Not fair! $10 is a steal for a cute staple necklace like that. I wonder if the Boston shops are missing an accessories sale counter of some kind.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Snapsnot jewelry. It's pretty cool. & the drain monster sounds pretty scary. I've been wearing the same earrings for God knows how long because I'm too lazy to clean any other ones.

pistols at dawn said...

Those box things are interesting, but still make me think of the 50s era lockets, which I find hilarious.

LoveHateSensation said...

The pendants are a little odd but interesting for showing those little details.

The Clothes Horse said...

Those box necklaces are so interesting and I like them.

molly said...

wow very cool, thanks for telling us about her!

Vintage Bunny said...

I love those box pendants,the only problem is that the world at large would be staring at my chest!

Bobble Bee said...

The first picture is so beautiful! i thought it was some add from LancĂ´me... right? really appealing! :)

atelier said...

I love the box necklaces. They are very interesting and original in its view of what can possibly be a necklace. I want one!

In Yr Fshn said...

WendyB: The eerie is what gets to me.

Ambika: I was going to link back, but I was so lazy! Also, re monster: thanks!

Sharon: Thank you! I'm far too proud of that thing. Dunno about Urban--they are having major sales, so maybe you should check again. Sometimes the sale jewelry isn't separated from the rest... you just have to check tags.

Lynn: I should probably leave the same ones in, but then they stab my neck at night and I take them out, the vicious cycle starts again in the morn!

Pistols at Dawn: Pardon? Why are 50's era locket hilarious?

LHS: Agreed!

Bobble Bee: They do look like an ad... someone should contract her for a major campaign!

Wendi said...

you are really very pretty and exceptionally good at photographing yourself in a flattering manner.