Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Like Advil, but Shinier

Stuff that is making my vile headache ease up a bit...

Tiny Chain Rings, $60 (at Catbird in Brooklyn, NY)

Jane Hollinger Freida Necklace, $330

Silicone Rubber Jewelry from Nervous System (totally digging that cuff), $55

My Obsession Garnet ring by Artisan Impact, $216
(January's Birthstone!)


molly said...

my favourite pain reliever!

always pleased to meet a fellow arctic junkie...and im so jealous you were at the same show as bowie!

riz said...

Yes, I wish I had access to the wonderful little boutiques in brooklyn - sorry for the offbeat comment. there are just so many stores there that i want to go to.

WendyB said...

That garnet is very nice.

Anonymous said...

the garnet rings is really old world looking, i like it