Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Everything at Once

Okay, time to catch up around here.

First, the stunning WendyB tagged me for that purse content thing that's been going around like the flu. Here we go:

Black bag from H&M--my in between bag until I decide where I want to waste $200 on a purse. The Lucky bag is going back. I just don't love it. (Also, I have no idea what happened to the plant. It just started to go downhill.)

Inside you will find...
One or two books depending how far into the first I am (in this case I am just finishing up Beginner's Greek and will begin--re-read-- A Prayer for the Dying on my train ride home), sunglasses, keys, phone (more for Scrabble than phone calls), iPod, pen, Sweet Mint Orbit Gum (the only kind I will chew), Aveeno lotion, wallet, earmuffs (the big white cotton ball thing), glasses that I never wear (Prada), lil' brush, mittens, red cosmetic bag, and some assorted lip stuffs (Smith's Minted Rose balm, Neutrogena lipstick, etc.)

Next. Anna Maa Designs is having something of an awesome sale.

Green Flourite Cocktail Ring, $106

Green Amethyst Necklace, $89

Smooth Chalcedony Necklace, $62 (!)

On to number three... lovely reader Sharon (of the excellent blog The Back Story) left this comment the other day:
"Do you know Moss Mills? (I'm sure you do, I only just discovered it). I like their stuff, wondering if you know of any other designers in that price range who do similarly styled precious-y stuff -- I'm especially in love with the various heart necklaces. Please advise if you can! "
Now, since I fancy myself a sort of jewelry advice columnist, I am, of course, thrilled to assist. But I thought it might be useful info for quite a few of you.

Moss Mills is a rather trendy brand with simple gold and silver image jewelry--trees, hearts, birds and the like. The jewelry is unique in that it is fairly well-made, affordable, and interesting. Here a few more sites that offer some of the same (you will be able to find lovely and unique pieces for under $200 at all of these places):
Indie Shopper Stars and Infinite Darkness
Etsy (if you have patience, you will prevail--I promise!)
I've mentioned them before, but I love Pyrrha
(Sharon, I think Pyrrha is the closest to what you are looking for, in terms of similarity to Moss Mills style.)
Trunkt has a collection of great designers
Phoenix Roze varies in price, but they've got beautiful jewelry
Tina Tang has some ridiculously cute hearts, and bows, and flowers...
I really like Greener Grass Design for some modern pieces

I don't want to replicate my bookmarks page here, but I hope this gets some of you interested in worthwhile independent designers...

Lastly! We haven't done a Today's Jewelry in a bit, and I'm not actually wearing much jewelry today anyhow, but I wanted to show off my new Brooklyn Industries dress (on sale for $22!) worn with black bangle and black rhinestone studs:
*And really, truly last! I'm having a thing where I need to buy dresses. It isn't a new thing, but even less practical in winter. Here are my two most recent purchases:

Free People La Isla embroidered dress, $118 (And I have to say, this doesn't happen often, but the dress actually looks way better on me than this model. Too much stuff going on there. Anyhow, my birthday is in March, and I have talked my BF in to giving this to me then. I won't be able to wear it now anyhow.)

Vintage Peach Slip Dress from Bona Drag, $25
UPDATE: Was just informed that some other girl got to this dress about an hour before I did. Darn that Agathe and her gang of readers!



WendyB said...

Awesome photo of you! And I think that red dress is great.

ambika said...

Love the daredevil angle of the phot and the dress -- as well as the one's you're not modelling. The peach is too pretty.

Camilla said...

You look gorgeous! I really love the dress -fantastic colour.

molly said...

i absolutely LOVE your purple dress!

pistols at dawn said...

I think you just stole my purse and put in it a slightly larger one.

Also, if I were more photogenic, I'd start posting pictures of my fashionable t-shirts I bought 15 years ago. Tres elegant!

hannah said...

that jewelry is gorgeous! i love it.

and your h&m bag actually looks expensive, if i saw it on the street, i would never guess it was from h&m. very chic.


Sharon said...

i am in major debt to you for the lovely recommendations. the pyrrah collection is gorgeous and i can't wait to sift through all the rest and buy myself an early birthday present.

Jill said...

Love the dress on you, and that amethyst necklace is simple but stunning.

Anonymous said...

Yay for dresses. You look fantastic in that photo!

And thanks for the recommendations (I will leech off of your recs for someone else :P). I haven't purchased jewelry in a while and have recently started looking to buy a few pieces. These will be great places to start!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i thought amethyst was always purple, but that green looks gorgeous! thx for enlightening me! love the dress, the colour looks fab on you


i love that ring from your post before... im gonna have to take another look at that! and that bag... thats from h and m?! cuz thats incredible!!

Anonymous said...

Love the purple dress & that mini hair brush is so cute. :]

Sarah B. said...

You look better than that BI model too! Very cute. Thanks for all the links!

saray said...

I love your purple dress!

riz said...

I really like stars and infinite darkness. they used to be called something else a long time ago. i need to re-favorite them.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love the ring in the first picture, it's so simple!

Lady N said...

I love that last dress! And when I first saw that picture of your bag - I thought you had a plant sticking out of it (on purpose for the photo shoot)!

Anonymous said...

wow you look absolutely gorgeous in that picture!