Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Trials of a Lunch Break

Any guesses to who isn't getting any work done today?

Anyhow, I just returned from my lunchy jaunt to Pinkberry, even after Miz B tried to dissuade me with some bad PB news... and something kind of weird happened. Dialogue form might suit the situation a bit better:
I walk into a somewhat crowded PB and get on the haphazard line.

Me, pointing to floor and speaking to a girl on line: "Excuse me, is that your money?"
She was stepping on two twenties.
Her: "Uh, no. Nope. I don't think so."
Me (perplexed): "Hmph."

She and I proceed to ask everyone in the vicinity. Nobody claims the $40.
Good citizens that we are, we tell the counter girl with the expectation that one of the less busy girls (there were like 50 people behind the counter), would maybe ask some of the patrons as it was such a tiny space and it seemed plausible that the dropper would still be in the vicinity.
Instead the girl leans towards me and sort of whispers:
"Nobody saw this happen." And I swear she cackled. Then she grabbed the twenties and shoved them under the counter.
The whole thing made me sort of sad. My Pinkberry was a little tainted.

And here's some jewelry to sate the jewelry lovin' masses....

Blue topaz necklace, 'Cubism'>
Blue Topaz Cubism Necklace, $278.95

Paper Crane Necklace, $44.95

Domed Set Stone Ring, £5.00


WendyB said...

LOL. Earlier this year I was getting out of a cab and realized I'd dropped a wad of money (Not unusual for me, but ironic considering I'm working on a post about wallets). I picked it up off the floor and went about my merry way,only to notice a few hours later that it was $80 that definitely wasn't mine! I figured there was nothing to do about it at that point. Placing an ad for "four green bills found in unknown NYC taxi...describe and they're yours!" would only lead to trouble.

In Yr Fshn said...

I wonder is it just that NYers are careless about money? Two years ago, I was walking up 8th avenue and all of the sudden about seven $20 bills were drifting down the sidewalk. Everybody thought it was mine! Since nobody claimed it, I kept part and split the rest with people standing next to me. Same thing, lol, who will claim these bills?!

WendyB said...

Hey, I'm going to adjust my tortoise pix...making them smaller and taking them off flickr. Someone convinced me I am giving too much detail away. And I agree, it would be nice to sell one of my pieces before some Hong Kong factory starts selling the knockoff! I hope that doesn't mess you up! I'm so glad you liked them and posted on them. Anyway, I should be done with this change in a second.

In Yr Fshn said...

No problem... I'll switch it up with whatever new one you post!

WendyB said...

(Sorry to take up your comment space with this) are welcome to stick with your big picture but I'd rather not have people enlarge it. I'm getting around this by linking all my photos somewhere. If you wanted to link the picture to my blog that would be awesome. I really apologize for the hassle. My smaller version pix are up now if you prefer that. In order to redeem myself and get back on topic, I will ask if you ever saw the Aflac commercial where Yogi Berra says, "They give you cash, which is just as good as money!"

In Yr Fshn said...

How do I link the pic to your blog?
Comment space is there to take up! :)
Sadly, I watch almost no TV (just confessions of a matchmaker on A&E aka best show eva), so i don't think I've seen that commercial. I shall look on youtube though!

WendyB said...

Oh, it must be on YouTube. I love Yogi and the Aflac duck so I was obsessed. Today, I learned how to link photos (after my friend got done scolding me about the pix). When you're editing the post, make sure you are in "compose" mode instead of "edit html." Then all you have to do is click on the photo itself to highlight it, select the little link icon in the toolbar and paste your desired url in the pop-up box. I've gone crazy doing it to every picture!

LML said...

that origami necklace is soo funky and different - i love it :)

In Yr Fshn said...

Wendy, I'm going to do this today as soon as I get some work out of the way. I've read your comment with instructions regarding photo linking about ten times and I'm still a little bit "huh?"

Thanks, lml! The makers of that necklace have a pretty interesting line of stuff in addition to the crane--like robots!