Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sick and Bubbly


I'm going to be a bad blogger until Tuesday: today and tomorrow I'm out sick (my company talks you into taking Fridays off...), and Monday is the holiday, so....
In the meantime, I want to thank WendyB for honoring me with that cool badge that I have to figure out how to move here. Oh, and a side effect of old computer? No Firefox, which means no linking. Please find Wendy over there to the right------>.
Anyhow, on a particularly bored day, I made a back up post, which will suffice for today. I'll try to throw some pics up tomorrow after the doctor, but just in case I don't, have a great weekend!

Inspired by:
standing on the corner of Broadway and Spring, watching the Bubble man try to sell his wares (bubble guns), shooting bubbles all over the street. Making NYC look like a fairy tale.

Blowing Bubbles Necklace, $118

Gold Bubbles Circle Sterling Silver Pendant, $28

Peridot Bubbles Sterling Silver Ring, $36

Yumiko Yoshimoto Glass Bubble Necklace, Prices vary, beginning at $75

White Bubble Necklace, $140

Antica Murrina Veneziana Bubble Necklace, $129

Sterling Silver Bubble Ring, $50
(by jill.i, one of my fave designers)

Bubble Necklace, $76 (these names! So original!)


WendyB said...

Oh dear! Feel better soon! There's been a bad bug going around all August. I hope you fight it off so you can enjoy the long weekend. And I love those bubble-blowing guys :-)

In Yr Fshn said...

Thank you! I know about the bug; I've been heraing people hack on the train on all month. (Ugh.) And then, last week, some guy sneezed on my head. I thought, "Hm. This won't turn out well."
Those bubble guys make a lunch break into a dream...

The Wannabe said...

Wow.. who knew there were so many bubble-inspired pieces?

ps; thanks for stopping by The Wannabe fashion blog ;D I'll add you, too!

WendyB said...

Cheese jewelry for you!

Shaz said...

hope yoiu get better soon! the pictures won't load for me so i can't comment on it, because i too have an old computer

Jennifer said...

awww i can't see your pictures :(

In Yr Fshn said...

I can't see my pictures anymore either, shaz and jennifer! I'll fuss with it today while I should be catching up on two days of missed work.

Wendy: I believe I've said this about 400 times before but you=the best! This post will be magical. I can feel it.

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