Monday, August 20, 2007

Head in the Clouds

Today has been perpetually on the brink of rain. This morning was a call-in-and-sleep-in (if you can). Alas, I could not. The air has an October chill, and the clouds have taken over. In their honor...

Muscovie Cloud Ring, $160

Rain Cloud Necklace, $75

Cloud Necklace, $160

Cloud Earrings, $75

Rain Necklace, $50

Rainbow Flourite Cloud Necklace, $760

Rainy Day Earrings, $18

Zoe and Morgan Cloud Pendant Necklace, $180

Spring Rain White Topaz Necklace, $136

Okay, rain, now that you've had your fun...

Update: I had never read I, Bejeweled before, but on 8-22-07, I realized she beat me to the cloud theme. Here is her take on it:
Singin' in the Rain


WendyB said...

These are hilarious...I like the first one especially!

WendyB said...

Oh, now that I look again, I like the Zoe & Morgan necklace a lot too. That's a very cute, puffy cloud.

In Yr Fshn said...

Thank you, madam! I have that first ring bookmarked in the folder entitled "WANT." Something about that sliver of blue acrylic just makes me happy...
Ya, I agree about the Zoe & Morgan. It seemed the most frivolously cloud-y.

beth said...

eeee! to the forever yours ring! what a killer idea.