Friday, August 10, 2007

Breakin' my Heart (Friday Favorites)

Amy Bengston Magnolia necklace, prices vary

Before we get to the jewelry, let's have a little personal back story for today's choices.

It's raining right now and let's just say that the weather is indicative of my mood: gloomy, tired and little wet. As I mentioned yesterday, the bf and I were going to a concert last night. It did not go swimmingly as I had hoped.
Everything up until the concert itself was wonderful: dinner at Milady's (so dive-y, but so great), browsing at McNally Robinson Bookstore (hands down best bathroom on the Lower East side), brownies at Barnes and Noble because Beard Papa had closed but oh! how I wanted a lava cake...

Anyhow, we get to the concert, the rain has held off, it's 10 PM at this point and we are waiting for the band come on. The lights lower, people push and hustle to get closer to the stage. Six guys step out and the crowd cheers. Yay!, I think. But the bf is not happy.

"Not the Cribs," he whispers.
"What! Are you sure? How do you know? It's 10 PM and doors opened at 8; this must be them!", I say.
"There are only three guys in The Cribs," he says.

This meant that it was only the SECOND opening band playing, and that The Cribs would not go on earlier then... 11? 11:30? Which equals a show that ends after midnight plus an hour drive home...
So we left then and there and were on the way home by 10:20 PM, which I can't say I'm heartbroken over: I am an old lady at heart and like to be tucked in by 10. To recap: no band, roads were closed on the way home, bed very late. And it's raining!
Blue, blue jewelry today:

Elsa Peretti® Gemstone Open Heart charm in Lapis, $250.

Dana Kellin Blue Topaz Necklace, $275

Dana Kellin Aquamarine and Blue Topaz Earrings

Hannah Louise Lamb Blue Leaf Pendant, 80 Pounds
(LOVE her stuff)

Moss Aquamarine Sterling Ring, $146

Jennifer & John Walsh River Rock Bracelet, $135

Obviously, the "comfort jewelry" theme here is a reflection of my mood. They are like a big gemstone encrusted blanket. (Oooh, there's an idea for Target.) Can't wait to get home and curl up with the kitties!

(Really, it's the white on white that makes her look, er, husky.)


WendyB said...

Hai.. that's a big kitteh!

In Yr Fshn said...

LOL!!! Shush! She just likes her treats...

WendyB said...

As long as she doesn't get diabeetus!

In Yr Fshn said...

Awww! I swear she's really not that fat! When she lays down all everything just sort of flattens out. The orange one though (Fattie) is very heavy. Have a wonderful weekend!

WendyB said...

LOL...that's what you can do for your caption. I'se not fat. I'se flat. You have a good weekend too! Stay dry!