Thursday, August 16, 2007

Odds and Ends

Okay, first:

Hand Soap, $12 (ha!)

Two thoughts regarding this soap:
1. Ugghh creepy.
2. I wonder if my mom would like this. Good stocking stuffer!

Dinosaur Necklace ("This necklace is, like, so 230 million years ago - can you get more vintage?" ), £96.00

Trapeze Necklace, £42.00

Sterling Cat Ring

Coffee and Cigarettes Ring, $66

As I mentioned, I don't drink coffee. I also don't smoke, but I still love this ring. One little reason: Otis Redding. A Canadian friend made me a mix disc several years ago (six or seven at least) and this song made my heart melt. I've had many great moments with this song: dancing in a parking lot by the ocean, only the moon and the headlights to guide us; making up futures with a friend; sitting alone in my dorm room on a winter night, dreaming of great romance...

Cigarettes And Coffee

It's early in the morning
About a quarter till three
I'm sittin' here talkin' with my baby
Over cigarettes and coffee, now
And to tell you that
Darling I've been so satisfied
Honey since I met you
Baby since I met you, ooh

All the places that I've been around
And all the good looking girls I've met
They just don't seem to fit in
Knowing this particularly sad, yeah

But it seemed so natural, darling
That you and I are here
Just talking over cigarettes and drinking coffee, ooh

And oooh my heart cries out
Love at last I've found you, ooh now
And honey won't you let me
Just build my whole life around you
And how complete, how complete my whole life would be, yeah
If you would take things under consideration
And walk down this aisle with me
I would love it, yeah

People I say it's so early in the morning
Oh, it's a quarter till three
We're sittin' here talkin'
Over cigarettes and drinking coffee, now, lord
And I'd like to show you, well
I've known nothing but good old joy
Since I met you, darling
Honey since I've met you, baby yeah

I would love to have another drink of coffee, now
And please, darling, help me smoke this one more cigarette, now
I don't want no cream and sugar
'cause I've got you, now darling
But just let me enjoy
Help me to enjoy
This good time that we'll have, baby
It's so early, so early in the morning
So early, so early in the morning
And I've got you
And you've got me
And we'll have each other
And we don't, we don't want nothing but joy, y'all
Nothing but joy...

(Ack! The lyrics online are awful! I had to buy this from itunes and transcribe...)


WendyB said...

You find the craziest things! That hand soap gave me a start.

In Yr Fshn said...

Oh, me too! I had it on top of the last post and then thought better of it! I like the crazy things. They make life interesting... :)

WendyB said...

I keep going back to look at them. They WOULD be a very fun gift. I also like the coffee/cigarettes ring too, though like you I indulge in neither.

In Yr Fshn said...

Right? Just nosing over the tip of a gift bag or something? Hanging on to a handle?

Amy said...

the soap is coool

Lillian said...

All that jewelry is amazing! I really really want the dinosaur, how creative!

The soap would probably leave me just rinsing my hands with water, that is beyond creep... ha ha ha.

- Lillian from

In Yr Fshn said...

Thanks Amy and Lillian! I'm glad the hands are making such a splash.

MeliBelle said...

Imagine reaching into your stocking and finding a little hand....!
The dinosaur is ADORABLE!

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