Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tennis, Anyone?

This week heralds the start of the US Open, a sports event in which I generally have little interest. Though I like a lot about tennis (the little outfits, the fairytale stories), I am just a bad sports fan. I'm armed with a lethal combination of not quite understanding the rules and a touch of impatience, garnished with laziness that makes it difficult to care. Of course this isn't limited to tennis: my bf, the avid baseball fan, has tried so hard to lure me into the game that sometimes I feel guilty for not loving it.

Tennis Ball Beads, $5.50

Anyhow, tonight we have tickets for the Open and I'm kind of jazzed about it. These tennis players are almost like celebrities and celebrity is something I can get interested in (US Weekly, I'm (pitifully) looking at you...)
In honor of this great game, today's all about the tennis bracelet. I've seen a lot of variation on the original style, including various gemstones and mixed metals but I tend to favor the classics. My only exception:

Amber Tennis Bracelet (offered in the "same spirit" as the original), $65.50

14 Karat Two-Tone Tennis Bracelet, $10,750

First let me give you a little history that I found fascinating, most from Ask Yahoo:
Tennis bracelets, also known as diamond line bracelets, are thin, elegant pieces of wrist jewelry that feature a symmetrical pattern of diamonds. Unlike charm bracelets, they lack pendants or mementos.

Next generation diamond bracelet by Kwiat, price upon request

The name originates from a 1987 match with player Chris Evert. Evert had been wearing an expensive bracelet featuring an inline string of individually-set diamonds. When the clasp snapped, she asked the officials to stop the match until the jewelry could be found. Since that day, bracelets featuring an inline array of diamonds have been called tennis bracelets. (this is from Wise Geek)

Double diamond tennis bracelet from J. Birnbach Jewelry

5.85 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet, $3,255

Following in the footsteps of the great Chris Evert, last year Serena Williams wore a custom-design Harry Winston tennis bracelet at the U.S. Open. According to the press release, "Winston added an extra secure safety clasp to the bracelet to make sure the flexible and fluid piece will stay securely on Williams' 7 and one-half inch wrist."

Maddy Emerson Pure Square CZ Tennis Bracelet, $40.99

14k White Gold 2 1/4ct Diamond Bezel-set Tennis Bracelet, $1,599.99


WendyB said...

I love that Chris Evert story.

In Yr Fshn said...

Did you already know it? I didn't and I'm kind of surprised! It's a great story...

WendyB said...

Yep, I already knew the Evert story. Now I'm pondering that ridiculous Harry Winston statement on Serena. Seven and a half is a pretty standard bracelet size...they made it sound like it was so special!

WendyB said...

Some crazy watches for you:

Jennifer said...

Oh there so pretty I want one!

Anonymous said...

i actually though tennis braclets were going to be things with big tennis balls, and racket charms al over them, but luckily there not, because i really do love all those braclets i have similar ones but they're not diamonds...does that count?

In Yr Fshn said...

Wendy: You are the best! Those are awesome watches and totally mad emy morning.

Jennifer: Glad you like 'em!

Shaz: Oh, no, I don't know if could bring myself to do tennis charms! I don't have anything against them, but the tennis bracelets are a bit classier. Yours totally counts! It's all about that style...

nic said...

oh man! tennis ball beads?? how cute is that

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