Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Summer Kids

So every year, my grandma rents a cottage in Cape Cod with her best friend. They've been doing it forever; since when my mom was a baby, back when both of their husbands were still alive. I've been going since I was a baby as well... Anyhow, a lot of the family has died, or moved away, so it's not a big extended reunion like it had been in the past. Just my grandma, my mom, Aunt H and I. Which is nice enough. I always leave a couple of days early to preserve my sanity, but my mom and I manage to squeeze in all the pertinent jewelry and art shops in our short time there. On this last visit, we found Miandra, located in Provincetown. Next week, I'll be placing the order for my mom's birthday present: a ring similar to the first pictiured above, but slighter cleaner-styled, and instead with mini yellow topaz. I was trying to figure out the designer to post a picture, but the shop owner was very cryptic. "Oh he's Polish and you must order it at least four weeks in advance!"

Anyhow, while looking around, I found the above and thought they were interesting enough to warrant their own miniature post. The top two rings are by Nava Zahavi ($1175 and $1000), the bottom two by Tomasz Plodowski ($345 each).
Another case of jewelry as art, perhaps?

The other cat!


WendyB said...

I love that first ring! Nice and bright. And what a cute kitty picture. BTW, I am addicted to this lolcats site:


In Yr Fshn said...

Me too! I am always so ashamed to be on it, but I love it dearly! I showed my boyfriend and he was like, why is everything spelled incorrectly?
Gah! How can you even see the words? The cats are blindingly cute!