Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ball Girls

It was more fun than I expected, I'll give the US Open that much. Andy Roddick* was a joy to root against (he's such a villian!) and the night was beautiful. The bf was entranced by the playing, sports-o-phile that he is, but me? I was entranced by Maria Sharpova's dress and earrings. I wasn't the only one, based on the coverage I read this morning. More news was dedicated to her Swavorski encrusted outfit then to her tennis skills. My kind of game!

Maria Sharapova, celebrating her win

Those are some earrings, right? Inspired by Sharpova's jewelry sense, today will be dedicated the modern and simple drop earring! Hers are pearls:

but I've decided to mix and match...

Sterling Silver Coin Pearl Earrings, $100

Dabby Reid Ltd. Pearl Drop Earrings, $36

Sterling Pendulum Earrings, $147

Sterling Silver 8mm Multi-color Rice Pearl Earrings, $85

Moss Aquamarine Sterling Earrings, $186

Pink Rudilated Quartz Earrings, $86

Miguel Ases Gold-Filled Dangle Earrings, $128

Mesh Link Earrings, £5.00

Lee Angel Long Multi-Stone Earrings, $142

Faceted Bead Earrings, $5.80

Okay, done with tennis for now.... no more sports posts this week. It's exhausting!

*I had read that he did not treat Mandy Moore well when they dated, and I happen to be a fan of Ms. Moore. Also, sometimes it's just fun to root against someone.


WendyB said...

Oh, sounds fun! Hey, Maria bought a diamond bangle of mine last year at Kaviar and Kind.

In Yr Fshn said...

Wow! That is so cool! She seemed like she would be really fun to shop with and that kind of seals the deal.

WendyB said...

Sadly, she didn't start a new "tennis bracelet" craze for me. Darn!

Shaz said...

Although Maria is becoming a fashion icon on the tennis courts, i cant help but imagine that her earrings would be so uncomfortable to run around wearing? Won't they move around and hit the sides of her face constantly?

I love those pink quartz earrings and the pearl ones look very classic

In Yr Fshn said...

Shaz, I have no idea how she plays with those things on. Maybe that's why she lost so early on? They would distract me!