Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Wardrobe Basics

Positive: I finally got out of the house today! Negative: It was awful and rainy out.
Another positive: I've been tagged by the super awesome Wendy Brandes to discuss my basic wardrobe. Go look at her post about it, which will put my wardrobe to such shame that I refuse to even link it.

Okay, where to start?
1. Jeans: As a tall lady, I always had trouble finding jeans that didn't give me the whole "yes, I just stepped out of a flood zone" vibe. Then my salary got larger and Diesel floated on to my brand awareness radar and well, the rest is history. Skinny, wise leg, straight, whatever. I'll probably like 'em.
My favorite black Diesels with leather pockets that maybe get way more face time than they should:
(I am far too lazy to go put these on and take a proper photo, so you'll just have to deal with an accidental picture)

2. Black. Like Wendy, I am an eternal fan of the black t-shirt. Also, the black sweater, black button-up, black v-neck, black blouse, uh... the list goes on. If it's black and in shirt form, I will probably buy it.
(Black sweatshirt! with black jeans!)

3. Dresses and skirts: Once the weather turns a bit warmer, I'm a dress fiend. A little more than half of my closet is filled with just dresses--everything from vintage to Anthropologie to Betsey Johnson to Forever 21. I can't stop myself and will gladly bore you to tears if you'd like to talk frocks:
(Part of my closet)

(Some recent lovelies: hot pink is vintage, dotted is Betsey Johnson and button bib is Delia's)

One of my all time best ebay buys....
(An obscure 70's or 80's brand that I obsessively hunt for. Not telling.)

...which looks so much like this Betsey Johnson dress I am wondering if there should be some litigation happening:

But I am also branching out into skirt territory:
(Skirt, which my boyfriend described as "If roses were a video game"--apparently a good thing--from Anthropologie)

4. Make up, hair and nails: Technically not classic wardrobe pieces, but ultimately just as important as clothes. My skin isn't perfect, so I almost never leave the house without make-up. (To be honest, part of this is habit: the skin thing used to be worse and made me verrrry self-conscious.) Any and all kinds of lip things are welcome in my home, but lip things be warned: if you are flavored or smell like fruit, I will probably never wear you. Sorry. Thems the breaks.
(The actual cosmetics differ depending on the seasons and my mood, but if you want to know what I use, leave a comment.)

As for nails, hey, who doesn't like getting a manicure? Look! Weird holographic polish that nobody had ever dared try at the salon before!
(Hard to see, but, man, I stared at that polish for hours when I had it. Nope, not high.)

5. Flats: Need I say more?

Okay, normal jewelry-oriented scheduling resumes tomorrow! Unless I remember something I forgot to post here. Oh, and I will tag three peeps tomorrow--as soon as I go catch up on blogs and figure out who has not been tagged.


Sharon said...

1. I understand the skin thing -- it's funny how we all have our thing that we think everyone is staring at, horrified, yet it's mostly all in the head. Oh, being a girl. But seriously: you're completely stunning. Bask in the glory of you!

2. That roses skirt. Is. AMAZING. And I love that high waist on you. It's a great look!

3. I'm thinking I should check out Diesel. Right now, I'm obsessed with Uniqlo jeans and sorta curious about the Cheap Mondays. But those Diesels look divine. Simple, fitted, just right.

Excellent post! I ate it up!

WendyB said...

I have seen your skin close up and it is perfect! But I agree with you on this: "If it's black and in shirt form, I will probably buy it." Ha! The story of my life. I love your BF's description of the rose skirt.

WendyB said...

P.S. I think you should be forced to divulge the name of the dress designer.

Lauren said...

haha omgosh i have that nail polish, i believe its OPI in Private Jet. cute dresses u have and i really like the "video game roses" skirt - too cool :)

Anonymous said...

You should post more outfit pictures, that floral skirt is just divine.

And everytime you post pictures of your self, the first thing i think is that your skin looks beautiful, so it was funny to think you were self conscious about it.

In Yr Fshn said...

Wow. You guys are leaving really sweet comments and it's totally boosting the self esteem. I love blogs!

Sharon: You really should check out Sharon. They are expensive, but oh-so-worth it.

Wendyb: Not telling, sorry. I have only found THREE pieces from this brand and I adore them all so much I can't even bear the thought of someone else getting one. Maybe if we meet up again one day, I'll let the cat out of the bag after a couple drinks :)

LML: Yes, it's an OPI color! How funny, because I thought of you when I was getting it...

Shaz: I'll try, but it seems to take me a million shots to get a postable one... Cats wandering and out, people ringing the door bell... but I shall try! Thank you!

lara said...

the thing with the video game roses is really funny i think , but I think I have seen a skirt like that elsewhere and i was thinking abou that too :`)
I also really like your shoes!!

FB @ said...

I love that obscure dress you're hunting for.. and I am ALSO a fan of ballet flats :) What a great post

paperback reader said...

As a guy who has worn one pair of jeans all month long, I'm no fashion maven. But with eyes like that, it'd take a neon sign to make me notice even the most problematic skin. The world's full of actual ugly people, miss: don't minimize their plight by pretending you're in their ranks.

And, since the internet's full of weirdos, let me note that the following was said in "positive big brother/gay male friend" tone, not "skeevy internet weirdo" tone.

Also, anyone with Chucks is all right by me. It's like french fries in restaurants: knowing they're there makes me feel comfortable instantly.

In Yr Fshn said...

Sharon: I meant, obviously, that you should check out Diesel. I'm sure you check out Sharon every day! Who wouldn't!?

Lara: Yeah, I also thought digital pixels, but it took a male POV to bring the true description to light...

Fab: Oh, no, that puppy is mine. Happily for me, it went under every ebay buyers radar. Maybe cause I'm the only person shopping for sun dresses in the middle of January! Anyhow, thanks.

Pistols: I always get the big brother/ gay types! Man, I was really hoping for one of my very own Internet creeps. Anyhow, two things: 1. I kind of have been wearing those jeans all month, so you're a fashion maven by *my* standards, and 2. thank you.

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

That eBay find dress is amazing! Jealous...

Fashion Tidbits said...

yeah! i see sneakers!
and please tell me about your make-up methods and products you use.

bronwyn said...

Great I'm dying to know what that eighties brand is:)

Alya said...

I like ur basics pics! I love Diesel too!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I love all your dresses. The jeans are brilliant on you, too.