Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do You Remember?

It's been almost a year since my last post here, and I'm astonished that so many followers have signed on to a long dormant blog.

It makes me smile.

I missed jewelry, and talking about jewelry, and thinking about jewelry. Also: writing about jewelry. Offline, my collection of old & pretty things has grown unwieldy. Sometimes, I like to take the box out to organize by stone, or size, or time period. Like those folks who can't stop rearranging their record collection, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of obsession. (I make my husband pick his favorites, but he always cheats and picks the most sentimental--like the ones he gave me. I cry foul!)

Earlier this year, my mom (a fellow lover of all things old & sparkly) and I decided to put our magpie eyes to good use and thus Bellflower Bay Antique and Vintage Jewelry was born. It's our little Etsy shop full of very pretty, hand-picked things that we travel around looking for. Not just anything can sit in our store: it has to be just right, just interesting enough, just beautiful enough, just perfect enough.

I'll probably put some things up here from the store every once in a while, and I'll definitely still talk about all the over lovelies out there that have been catching my eye.

Let's start with this:

A kick-ass Victorian Aesthetic ring in our store. Doesn't this look weirdly and beautifully tribal? We have a bunch of traditional pretty things too, of course, but this guy just sings to me. In a very strange language I can't understand, but it sounds like poems in code. Head on over to site for more info.

(Holy crap when did Blogger start cooperating what with the links and pictures and everything?!)