Friday, September 28, 2007

Yes or No?

Busy Persons Ring, $112
Silver Ring
Cast and fabricated silver ring created with sterling silver, vintage 1940's postcard and epoxy resin. Words and color will vary.

French Morning

(Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars, achingly hip.)

It's Friday! All morning I've been listening to one of my favorite bands, French pop outfit Phoenix. You might have seen the lead singer (Thomas Mars) as he is Sofia Coppola's baby daddy and also had a bit part (along with the rest of the band) in her film Marie Antoinette. Coolest couple ever, perhaps?

Anyhow, that's my cue to segue into a particularly interesting bit of jewelry news that was on Yahoo! this fine morning:

"Marie Antoinette's historically important pearl, diamond and ruby necklace is shown in this Christie's images handout photo. A set of pearls once belonging to Marie Antoinette and taken to Britain by a friend for safekeeping will go on sale in December, and are expected to fetch up to $800,000."

Hey, if we all pool our money...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

On the Surface

I've always had a thing for album covers. It's funny, because I am the most mp3 person you've ever met. We occasionally play CD's in the kitchen while I'm making dinner, but more often than not, an old iPod is dug up, it's bulky white form almost unfamiliar under my fingers after holding my new model all day. Everything in that corner of the kitchen ends up being a tiny musical sacrifice; in such close proximity to the oven, I can't imagine all this plastic will hold up much longer. I picture the iPod a puddle of gooey white, shiny silver drips from the drawer with all the CDs, all while I obliviously cut asparagus.

Anyhow, album covers. I love them. Often, we'll browse the used bookstore in town just to run through the drawers of old records. We never buy them, but we spend forever holding up covers for one another. Sometimes they're just art; I could care less about the band. Sometimes it's the band that makes them art.

Here are a couple of albums I love, not only for the music held inside, but for the covers. (Caveat: Of course I love lots of music and lots of covers, but sometimes you just can't find jewelry matches.)

Okkervil River: Black Sheep Boy

Black Bighorn Necklace
(Thanks, WendyB, for the link to this place!)

The Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Rough-cut ruby ring, $198

Wolf Parade: Apologies to the Queen Mary

Opal Twig Bangles, $1370

Sigur Rós: Takk

Avery Ring, $94 and
Tilden Ring, $102

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On the Naughty List

(Peppermint Candy Cane can be purchased at Novelty Gifts, along with many other flavors. Photo from there as well.)

Nope, not Christmas yet. Though come November this blog will become "In Yr Stckng."
This post is about a bit of family lore regarding my name:

When my mother was pregnant with me (1981-82), one of my aunts was also with child. The families weren't friendly close, but they were related and that (at the time) was what mattered. My aunt and mother spoke, I guess, about their pregnancies (not the first for my aunt, but the first girl) and names for the baby. My mom, joking (as far as I know), said she was thinking of Crystal. Maybe Candy for a middle name. I shudder at the thought now, though I shouldn't---my aunt gave birth first and used it. It's now my cousin's name. I've never been in love with my name, but I say a small prayer of thanks every day that I didn't end up as Crystal Candy Cane.

After all, I don't really have the body for stripping.

(I changed the spelling a bit just in case my cousin ever Googled herself; I don't want to start some sort of feud. The last name actually begins with a K.)

In honor of a last name that I often get made fun of, here's some red (and white) jewelry:

Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire Ring, $2,835

Circle Necklace, $120

Pink multi sapphire stack bands in 14K rose gold, £650.00

Ruby Beaded Fade Bracelet, $92

Red Enamel and Crystal Hoops, £6.40

Crystal Mala Meditation Beads, $75

(Says ShopIntuition: This mala, or meditation rosary, has 108 beads plus one summit bead and is a powerful healing energizer. These beads will balance your energy Chakras and neutralize negative energies. They are also said to be good for cellulite and cysts. These beads really are for mind, body and soul! Wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or keep it in a pouch for good thoughts! We love how Nicole Richie wears them layered as bracelets.)

Apple Valley Necklace, $31.39

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sometimes She Cries

(Making a kayak stylish.)

Today is my mom's 49th birthday. I know women past a certain age don't generally like to have said age announced, but look at her:

She's beautiful no matter what, but I still can't believe she is almost 50. It doesn't help that people are constantly asking if my mother is my sister, something she loves and I hate.

I won't go overboard with sentimentality here, I just want to say that I have the best mom out there. Some may argue that you, in fact, have the best mom, but I'm sorry. Maybe your mom is a very close second. Did your mom pull you out of class grade school so you two could visit the Ice Caves in upstate NY? Did she nurture your love of jewelry as a youth, teaching you what diamond settings are classic? Was your mom the "cool" one that all your friends wanted to have? Did she always let you have dessert even though she works in the dental field?

(Mom, I know you hate this picture, but it's the only one with the two of us. Not my fault.)

She's the best to shop with, talk with, be with.

Another thing you should know about my mother: she's a little emotional. She cries for a lot of reasons, sometimes I get it and other times I don't, but that's okay. So today's post is in honor of my mother, her birthday, and her occasional tears (I have to request in cards to her that she not cry while reading).
P.S. She totally approved of this theme.

Momma, happy birthday! I love you!
Here's pretty jewelry that looks like tears:

Elsa Peretti® Teardrop pendant, $9600

Turquoise and Marcasite Teardrop Ring, $27

Mallary Marks Sapphire and Quartz Lattice Earrings, $720

18K White & Yellow Triple Row Teardrop Ring, $235

Sapphire and diamond studs, £135.00

Elsa Peretti® Teardrop necklace, $2750

L Frank Diamond Slice Ring, $2,700

Monday, September 24, 2007

John Hardy/ Philadelphia

I had trouble concentrating on a theme today; maybe it's because my normal Friday favorites (unlike this past Friday) act as a purge---nothing has to fall in a category. Or maybe it's because we went to Philadelphia this past weekend, just for a look, and my brain is still reeling from the little shops and cafes and the knowledge of future decisions that need to be made. Since I didn't have any photos of Philly, and I only purchased presents, I couldn't really justify a whole post about the trip. I am, however, sticking a couple of thoughts at the end of today's post if you decide to stick around after the pretty pictures.

Today is all John Hardy. One of the benefits of writing this blog is that I am exposed to about a million new artists a day as I wade my way through bookmarked favorites and google searches.

I noticed not too long ago that I kept going back to Mr. Hardy, who surely deserves his own post. I saved up some of my favorites (though I love about 95% of his jewelry) and here they are...

Silver Hinged Kali Bangle, $495

Dot Gold Nuansa Drop Earrings, $695

Vine Cuff Bracelet, $995

Kali Lavafire Ring, $1000

Bib Necklace, $1495

Yellow Gold and Silver Flag Ring, $525

Now, about Philly...

We took an impromptu trip to Philadelphia this weekend, more a fact-finding mission for future moves. It's a cute little city with some interesting neighborhoods; Northern Liberties is supposed to be the next Williamsburg, which, depending on your point of view, can either be a great or horrible thing.

I loved Brooklyn's aura, with the harried and lazy rubbing shoulders. The rich and the poor both scrambling for miniature one-bedrooms. I loved watching old women leaning out of their windows, spying on the world below. But I grew to hate the posing, the jostling, the marked up boutiques.

Northern Liberties is still very industrial: abandoned warehouses nestle up against old townhouses and one or two luxury condos. We didn't see a soul for blocks and then suddenly came upon a town, real and tiny, but life existed. A hipster bowling alley and some great little shops.

We never got to the Mütter Museum (my dream vacation for several years running now), but I extracted a promise from the bf that we will go again soon.

I think I could see myself living there. ($950 for a two bedroom certainly doesn't hurt...)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friday Favorites: My Boyfriend

(Still life with cat)

Tomorrow is my wonderful boyfriend's 33rd birthday! I'll be taking off from blogging tomorrow, so today's post is dedicated to him.

We met almost four years ago and became romantically involved by chance. A little something I (and Hollywood) like to call a "meet cute." I was a journalism major and had to interview a writer I liked, admired, read, etc. Kurt Loder from MTV never answered me, so I requested an interview with this guy who, at the time, wrote an amazing weekly column in a local paper. He agreed. I primped beforehand, knowing he was young and, from his header photo, his mouth looked cute (that's all you could see).

When I met him, I found out that he was knee-bucklingly handsome and frankly, the interview was stilted because of my anxiety. I thought he hated me (I assumed aloofness where shyness actually dwelt). Later, I had to follow up with a few more questions via e-mail and we resumed a conversation about the film Lost in Translation. He, fortunately, mistook my polite chitchat as a hint and asked me out on a date. The rest, as they say, is history. Now we've got two precious cats and a lot of life to live together. Thanks, baby, for making these years so great!

(Our Swedish band photo)

He collects sneakers, Nike Dunks to be precise, so today's (short--blogger cuts me off when the posts get too big!) post is in tribute to my love and his collection:

Crocodile Stars Nike Dunk hi (I call these the Disney shoes cause they look straight outta Fantasia. There's a lot of purple, but I'm not sure if you can see it here.)

Amethyst and agate ring, 'Bright Peace' $282.85

Send Help Nike Dunk Hi (These are pretty cool sneakers even to a person who rates sneakers a 4-ish on her most interesting things list. They are apparently highly collectible as well.)

Custom Necklace (made for me by the jeweler I've collaborated with before)

Be True to Your School Nike Hi Dunks (He wears these all the time. 50 billion pairs of sneakers and these get action every day!)

Diamond and Sapphire Earrings, $2200

Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Office Dynamics

My inspiration today? My desk. My office. Frankly, it's all I've been looking at for what feels like 100 hours straight.

My computer

Oh, iMac, you are so pure and white. And square.

Moon Beam - Square Necklace and Earring Set - White Freshwater Pearl, $44.95

My ruler

Very numeric.

Ruler ring, $60.

My blue Solo cup full of water

Aiding in the fulfillment of my quest to hit the ladies room twenty times in one day.

Lapis and Freshwater Pearl Triple-Strand Necklace, $68

My office walls (highly enhanced...otherwise they look greyish.)

Undersea green. Wendy notes that I am an office mermaid. I like that thought.

Jamie Joseph Faceted Aquamarine Ring, $528

Piles and piles of paper

Thwarting my attempts to be a responsible recycler.

Raw quartz ring, $1,700.

My stapler

I love my stapler.

Diamond Top Sprinkle Bracelet, $2,800.