Sunday, December 28, 2008

Squirrel Heavy

Happy holidays, people! Did you have a good one? I had a good one. Though I am technically Jewish, I love all of the trappings of Christmas--the lights, the colors, the multitude of presents on one day (don't even get me started on that pesky eight-day rule us Jews abide by)--and part of my family is Christ-oriented, so I jump on that bandwagon. Since BF and I have been together an eternity (five years plus a little), he knows of my jewelry fixation and thus asks me to narrow down what I would like to an easy list. This year I was more than happy to oblige because I had my heart set on a single thing:

It's an ornate (some might say gaudy, but those people are inevitably boring) garnet Victorian ring. As always, the present came attached with several trials and tribulations and I didn't get until the day after Christmas but my god, I love it. It's shiny and huge and perfect. 

Now, a couple of weeks ago, I had dinner with the gorgeous (is it me or does she keep getting younger?) WendyB and we discussed many things, but also squirrels which I think are bound to come up in any interesting conversation, right? I told her that to avoid crying at movies, I think of squirrels. You know, frolicking and whatnot. It's fail proof. Wendy reminded me of her awesome squirrel necklace...: 

Wendy Brandes Squirrel Necklace, $125 (free shipping 'til Dec. 31st!)
...And then that very weekend, the BF and I were taking a morning walk through Astoria when I was bombarded with the city's version of nature. First, we came across a squirrel eating a slice of pizza:

I whispered to BF "Make sure it doesn't move!" and hauled ass back to the apartment for the camera. Then we came across one of the famed black squirrels native to Astoria Park (like a fat cat, right?):

Of course we then met this little diva, who was inches away from me (expecting pizza methinks), and he/ she pulled out all the cute poses in the squirrel handbook:

Lastly, moving away from ze squirrels--this house was in a row of similar houses, and the only one covered in birds. Looked very Hitchcock-esque:

There was also a falcon, but he'll be in another post.
Off now to squish a kitty and further admire my ring. Happy New Year!