Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hearts Out

I was trying to post the jewelry I wore each day, but my camera has a hernia or something. Today is not vintage, so I snagged a pic online. Tangled Hearts Necklace by Sudlow (on etsy). It's so tiny and delicate!

More on this ring in a second... I'm not going to write much today because I've got Harry Potter 5 hanging out on my desk, begging to be cracked. Yes, I know that is not the newest Harry. The boyfriend got me worried about reputation this morning: "what if people think that you think that's the newest one?" I only hope people know that is not the case, and also I took off the jacket and have been hiding the cover just in case.


The funny thing is, I thought I had left the Potter world at 4, and was actually a little disdainful of all the commotion. C'mon people, I thought, get a life! Then I started reading all about the movie and the book (How could you not? It was everywhere!) and decided that I should probably head back into the series. And then wonderful boyrfiend bought me 6 and 7 yesterday, so the world is my oyster.

On to jewelry...

There's a lot of opinion in this world, but I think a lot of people would agree with me when I say that fashion is a form of art. Now, this season's Dior boots (or whatever) may be completely unappealing to me, but that doesn't make it any less a masterpiece to somebody else. Jewelry often gets left out of the loop here because people take for granted that jewelry will be beautiful. If it's not beautiful, it's boring and those two adjectives rarely get people talking beyond the initial statement.

Lately, I've noticed several pieces of jewelry (for sale, by jewelers-not as art projects, etc.) that could be considered modern wearable art. They make you think and they make you decide: Do I like this? Why? Why not? What did you think when you saw the ring above?

Here's another view:

Green Flourite Cocktail Ring by Anne Maa Design

House Ring by JDavis Studio

Of course, this isn't even a blip on the true discussion of this topic. These are just some pieces that I, personally, found to be more interesting than your average pair of pearls. Not that there is a thing wrong with pearls!

Wolfette Gold Ring by Kimberly Baker

Opal Pendant by Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry

Marquise Rock Ring by Lilliot (Cast form a mineral)

Eagle Necklace by Flamingo

I'll try to keep this an open topic and post more if I run across anything. Back to Hogwarts. (Really not usually a nerd. I swear.)

Monday, July 30, 2007

View from This Angle

This rainy weekend gave me a lot of time to think about my next post. I should mention that I take the weekend off from computers; something I do for several reasons:

1. The computer at home is so slow it makes me want to get in the car and run over people. Considering the time it takes for two pages to load, that is definitely an activity I would be able to fit in.
2. I'm on the computer all week. My eyes start to cross on Thursday. I need that break!
3. My boyfriend plays fantasy baseball. (If this isn't self-explanatory, let's just say that he makes a lot of rash decisions on his team and often urgently needs the computer to... I'm not sure. Do something about players or baseball.)

But all that's good because I can read and pet the cats and think about what jewelry I'd like to write about on Monday.

I've been thinking a lot about shape and how a design can either be beautiful or horrendus depending on what shape is used to frame it. Today, I'm going to post some square and rectangle pendant necklaces. I've always loved the angles on these pieces, especially how they pop on the curve of skin. The corners often play really well off rounded square collars; they echo the clothing's design and draw attention to both the jewelry and what I think it the loveliest part of the body: the collarbone.

Top to bottom:

*Asymmetrical Necklace from Smallthings Designs $73, Bird style of Asymmetrical Necklace (which I happen to have)--these are really glorious in person and so worth the two week wait--all of the lines from smallthings are worth looking at and ultimately buying! I get so many compiments on this necklace.
* Layered Leaf necklace from Nancy Yeaw $50.
* Pussy Willow Necklace from Alisha Louise $100 each.
* Long Cherry Necklace from Amy Bengston, price subject to change based on choice of materials---metal and wood. The one pictured is $89.
* Deco Shells Necklace by Alisha Louise $120. This is available in 16 colors! I hate to post on designer twice, but I really liked all of her pieces.
* A little bling at the end! Moulinet Necklace from Gigi Caron Jewelry $450.

The links for all of the above can be found to the right. The second through fifth are from stars and infinite darkness.

Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Friday

...so here's a list of all the things I am loving today.

All of the following can be found on twistonline.com:

From top to bottom: Green Chalcedony ring with Diamond by Jamie Joseph $594, Oval Totem Pendant with Diamonds by marion Cage $352, Wildflower Necklace with Keshi Pearls by Annette Ferdinandsen $750, Close up of Wildflower, Cognace Diamond Ring by L. Frank $4,702

Takes your breath away, right?

Stories for Two

What's really nice about my job is that I can spend 45 minutes taking pictures of rings at my desk and nobody even looks twice. I'm not sure if people looked once.

Today is Friday which means several things:

1. I have a half day. (Another really nice thing about my job.)
2. Half days make me both antsy and lazy.
3. That combo will probably force me to write several short posts.

This morning I rushed in so I could post two of my favorite rings, one of which I am wearing, the other which I want to wear every second but cannnot figure out what to wear it with. (Again, the photography is iffy, but I think I am getting better!

The first ring was my grandma's. (Was ie she is still kicking but passed it on because I coveted it so dearly.) My mom and I occasionally fish through my grandma's giant jewelry box. It's a little callous, I think, but my mom calls stuff. "Mom, I get the yellow diamond right?" I mean, yes, okay, totally callous, but these diamonds are ridiculous so I guess I get where she's coming from. I might take pictures this weekend and post them, but you all must promise not to show up at my grandma's house claiming to be a long lost family member.

Anyhow, one day we dug up this ring and it fit me perfectly--like made for my hand perfectly. At that time, it looked like a dark turquoise. Now it looks like adventurine. I've no idea why! My grandpa got it for her in Nevada--they were visiting a friend's gold mine. This woman still has the gold mine by the way, and once offered me the job of walking around the property every day to make sure nobody tried to mine there. I have not yet taken her up on this job.

I am aware that it sorty of looks like something you could get at a street fair in the city, but every time I look at it, I am so struck by gorgeous lacy design and the setting and therefore think of it as something very special.

In May, the fella and I went to Seattle and let me tell you: Seattle is pretty amazing. The jewelry was nice, though not often spectacular. (The Internet has a tendency to even the playing field, you know? Before, any local jeweler was lucky to get their wares into stores a couple of states away; now they all have a website and are selling in every quiant little town. Which is both a great thing and an awful thing: I saw so many repeats in Seattle and Cape Cod!)

We took a ferry to Bainbridge Island, which is about 25 minutes off the coast and that's where I finally found the thing I wouldn't leave without:

It's citrine with a gold band and gold wire wrap. It was moderately priced, so I think it's gold-painted or gold-polished, but that's okay because I really like that. The matte makes me swoon. The had a quartz/ silver combo, but I was afraid it might look CZ. (Ooh these pictures are so dark! Sorry.)

But I love it and have no CLUE what to wear it with. It's only slightly showy, but showy enough (in it's way) that I don't want to overwhelm it with a million other things. Right now I wear it with only a pair of brown pearl earrings. (And clothing of some sort, usually. Most of the time.)

More later...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bigger and/ or Better

I just spent two hours on a post and accidentally deleted it. My first foray into the world of blogger anxiety attacks.

First things first: my new ring.

I know, right? (Please excuse the fact that I am obviously not a professional photographer.) The ring is awesome and my mom is awesome for buying it. "It just looks so right on your finger. You have to let me buy it for you!," she said. Now my life would be perfect if only my boyfriend jumped on that train, but that's a post for another day.

Anyhow, this ring is perfect because it falls precisely into my aesthetic, which is Jewelry for a Girl who Does Not Like to be Tall but Has Come to Terms, Of A Sort. You see, I am 5'11". And I love dainty, delicate, tiny jewelry, which inevitably gets lost on me.

But I've found that simple, eye-catching pieces work really well with the height (and I don't wear heels ever cause lord knows I'd have to wear dish around my neck for people to notice the jewelry. Seriously, people are obsessed with height. It's like the weather or something. And I can't tell you how many times people--strangers!--ask me to get stuff for them off high shelves. I don't mind, it's just a little weird.)
It's not like classic and bold pieces don't work well for every height. I guess I'm trying to say that I was a fashion wimp and have finally realized that my height requires me to step out a little more.

The below pieces are just introductions to the idea and though they may all be different, they definitely can be categorized by a certain set of ideas: bold-ish, sleek, somewhat unusual and always beautiful.

Let's start with earrings, shall we? I am a coward when it comes to earrings. (This post is not making me sound very adventurous. Promise: wait until I whip out the Lucite next post. Your jaw will drop.) Large, dangly drops have made their way into my jewelry box, but I very rarely wear them. I am hoping to change this. Soon. I guess I could start with these lovelies.

Endless Kasbah Earrings from claudettejewelry.com. $80.

And this bracelet, also, from claudettejewelry.com, is gorgeous! I love the autumnal tone of it. Perfect with a dress in warm burgandy shades. Garnet and pearl bracelet, $75.

Stepping back into my silver comfort zone, here are two standout necklaces from www.dejarnettenola.com.

The first is the Stained Glass Necklace. I love the lines on this piece--it's both strong and delicate. $30.

The next is the Chain Chain Chain necklace (such an appropriate name, no?), which is a bold addition to any simple sheath or top. $84.

From GigiCaron.com, this tourmalinated quartz necklace surrounded by black diamonds is really incredible. First, I love this stone. It isn't that rare, yet somehow, nobody has ever seen it before, so this is a guaranteed conversation starter. (This quartz has a golden counterpart, which is sometimes called “Angel Hair Quartz”, and I love that name.) I think this stone may deserve it's own post at some point. So, it's a little pricey at $3100, but maybe bookmark it for the day you get raise? (Excellent idea! That’s what I did.)

Lastly, one more gold piece and something that I feel is sorely under-represented in the world of jewelry: the cuff bracelet. Cuffs are perhaps the most perfect accessory. Simple and bold, they will make some clothing into an outfit.

This cuff is especially great at $30. Constellation cuff available on trunkt.org, made by Stamp.

Wow. Long post, but hopefully worthwhile. Lucite coming soon and then maybe some serpents?
We'll see.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going Natural with Alex Monroe

I want to say that lately there's been a rash of nature themed jewelry, but that's not true. It's not recent: nature has inspired jewelry since the very beginning. But lately, nature has been pared down and the jewelry that results from this minimalism is really spare, and very pretty. Sort of Scandanavian, I think. Also, I don't think I'm the only who is sick and tired of birds, but I understand how hard it is to let the little winged things go: they make for ridiculously delicate silhouettes on all forms of jewelry.

Here's some pieces by Alex Monroe (linked to the right); a few from several collections. The prices are a bit high--for me, anyhow--but they seem worth the investment. (At first, you are lulled into dreams of ownership. Only 95 you say? I could do that! But then you see it is British Pounds and you cry. And begin your Christmas list in July.)

Anyhow, the collections are all chock full of birds, butterflies and flowers, and breathtaking, as you can see. They also come in silver.

(My personal favorite is the achingly fragile tiny butterfy ring)

More au naturale upcoming, but Mr. Monroe really deserved his own post.

Cocktail Rings, in further detail

I know I just wrote about this, but lord, I love cocktail rings. They are everything at once: classic, simple, outrageous, a trend, something that makes an outfit. I've a couple of lovelies that run the price range spectrum. Have you found any particularly perfect ones? The ones above are all under $20.00. (!)

Top to bottom: Urban outfitters faceted cocktail ring in peach or turquoise for $16.00, Vintage Floral Rings on Daylab.com for$14.00, Lacy Button Cocktail Ring in bethanycooper's shop on etsy.com for $9.00, Faceted Citrine Nugget Ring in starrydesigns shop on etsy.com for $17.90, Vintage Shield ring on Daylab.com for $12.00.

Mood Rings

On a recent vacation to Cape Cod, I found Mood Rings all over the place, but they looked like distant cousins of the kind I liked as a kid. They came in a variety of shapes--from animals to hearts to the basics, with really lovely trims. My grandma was even getting into the act, neglecting to give me directions as I drove aimlessly because she was too busy trying to figure out what color hers was turning.
I can't see why they wouldn't make a comeback. It's been a couple of years since the last go round and they are rather stylish nowadays. The one above set me back about $4 and has an adjustable stainless steel band, but the design is really modern and it dresses up and basic outfit. The added mood factor is priceless. ("Hmmm, let's see once and for all if I really hate this co-worker. Yes! It's grey/ yellow! I knew it! Thanks, mood ring.")

Cocktail rings have become quite a fad, perhaps one that will stick around as the rings lately have been beautiful, and affordable. This beauty, purchased in Chatham, MA, only set me back $30--more than worth it. Also, I should calculate the cost of the bitchy saleslady too. The ring actually cost me $5,000. But it's a great way to make a bold statement with a simple sheath.

I was right about grey for fall (and end of summer), so I think I should be right about mood rings too. Though nobody but my boyfriend really knows about the grey thing and there's a good chance he wasn't listening.

Anyhow, lucite had it's day.