Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The new neighborhood doesn't have a ton in the way of boutiques, but I did find a great little place called Candy Plum that sells some lovely and interesting jewelry, which, you can imagine, made my day.

My first trip there, I bought a celebratory "just moved here" ring by jeweler Jessica Lord, who doesn't seem to have any online presence that I can find. Unfortunately, it broke very quickly as I tried to shape it to my finger, and I don't even have a photo to show you, though it was quite nice, with a circle of what looked like tourmaline beads on gold wire. I opted for a merchandise credit and got to talking with one of the owners, who felt so bad about the ring that she put something in a box and gave it to me for free. I opened it hurriedly outside to find a ring that I love so much I've been wearing it every day (it's also by Jessica Lord, who uses this wreath style on several other of her pieces available at the store):

I went back with my mom this weekend to use up the credit that had been burning a hole in my wallet and came home with something I had been eyeing. Unfortunately, I don't know the designer [UPDATED: the designer found me! jo.Espinell made the gorgeous necklace below], though they had several other necklaces with different color ribbon:

So, yay, Astoria for coming through with the cute jewelry!
Two more things:
1. I got a haircut and I think I may need advice, as I hate it. That's tomorrow.
2. I tried Yoga and liked it, but my body is sad from all the pain.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Waiting for the cable guy, so now seems as good a time as any to get this blog running again...
Since the place isn't all unpacked yet I can't post many pictures. I refuse to let the Internet see what is currently the mess called my home. I can, however, show you three things:

1. My first proper outfit in the new apartment (Jacket that I love so very much from H&M; Diesel Jeans; Black clutch and my emerald ring):

On Sunday, after everything was settled as much as we could deal with settling it, we went out to dinner and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The food and movie were both decent; it was more the whole getting-out-of-the-house thing that did wonders for the demeanor.

2. Now that my cats have their own room, we never see them. (This apartment came with a third bedroom for a baby, and our babies happen to be covered in fur. Don't make this weird, people.) Example A of what they do in their room all day:

3. I finally got out for some flowers yesterday and set up a table that's in front of the living room window, which looks out onto the awesome field of green that is Astoria Park:

And now for some jewelry! Can I even still do this? I feel like it's been forever since a proper post went up around these parts.

Anne Maa is killing me with her gorgeous new designs, this ring being one of them.
Copper Rutilated Quartz Ring, $242

Life Flower Post Earrings by Junedesigns, $15

Gabriela Artigas Copper Leaf and Metal Chain Necklace, $176

I also did want to mention that commentor "For the love of Jewels" aka Sally Jewett-Brocato has extended a very kind offer to readers of this blog... 15% off any purchase from her lovely jewelry store Naked Jewelry. Some of her intricate, handmade wares that I particularly like:

Green Garnet Bracelet with leather tie, $45

Pearl and Peridot Necklace, $95

Remember Mother's Day is fast approaching! If your mom is anything like my mom, well, you are very lucky because my mom is awesome, but also! She will love jewelry! In the past I've mentioned the healing properties of stones, which I'm very keen on because really, any further reason to wear jewelry? Totally my bag. Anyhow, Sally includes notes on what the stones are all about. She also makes custom pieces.

Note: This isn't a paid advertisement or anything. I just think it's important to support independent artists, and it doesn't hurt that I like the jewelry.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


OMG so much stuff to unpack. Update tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Music

Just a quick music update before my computer goodness is all unhooked...

I am very much digging these songs:

1. "Amylase" by Cajun Dance Party: We had never heard of this band and then it popped up on the, uh, "site" we get music from. Seemed to be very popular, so in a less chancy version of jumping off a bridge when all the other hipsters do, we downloaded. Before I listened to it, I did a little bit of Googling (scarred from all the times I innocently clicked on a band name in iTunes only to have it be one of my crazy boyfriend's beloved German death metal bands) and discovered these kids are very young. Like, juniors-in-HS-young. Also, they were a bit buzzed about last year. A lot of their songs sound  like some beautiful mating of Broken Social Scene and The Lucksmiths. With a Kook or two thrown in.  "Amylase" isn't my favorite; "The Colourful Life" is, but it's not up yet.

2. "Big Guns" and "Rise Up with Fists" from the solo Jenny Lewis album: I was so not into this album when it came out forever ago, but lately I've been far too lazy to get my iPod, so I have to listen to whatever is already on the computer. Jenny comes right after my two downloaded songs by American Idol contestant Jason Castro (swoon and I am totally NOT embarrassed about this); let's just say I've been listening to her a lot. The melodies are exquisite and the gentle cooing from the background singers just about breaks my heart every time. 

3. Have we talked about MGMT? I can't re
member, but the song "Electric Feel" will make you dance even if your brain and body do their darndest to resist. Good luck. 
Guys from MGMT with kittens. You have no soul if you aren't melting right now. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hopefully, the next post you'll see from me will be as a happy new Asoria-ite, with functioning Internet and a grandma-esque landlady. We move all the big stuff Saturday, so it's been sort of a whirlwind of packing boxes over here. And scared kitties. And, "Did we really pack all the spoons? Boo."

I just finished tying up my necklaces and am trying to figure how to transport them:

Any ideas?

Hey, kids, while tying, I realized that I've got some jewelry I don't want to bring along because I really never wear it. Nothing fancy, a couple of nice vintage beaded necklaces mixed in with some cheapy H&M stuff, but still... I'd like to give them a real home. I will send out any of the below pieces to you totally and completely for free (I'm sorry, you beautiful international bloggers, but US only! I'm a hot mess at customs forms). I will even pay for shipping, that's how sad I would be to throw these things in the Goodwill pile (though it may yet come to that...). If you want anything below, leave your email address in the comments section along with whichever item and I'll contact you for your address.

Really tiny numbers! If they have not been claimed yet, they are still listed below!
( 6. silver collar necklace from Temple sale (I am equal opportunity when it comes to buying jewelry as Houses of Worship); 7. vintage white bead necklace from ebay; 8. circle bracelet--small because I moved the chain up--H&M; 14. lucite style cuff from F21; 15. Fake gold bracelets with rhinestones from Karmaloop in Boston.)

See you next week!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Food jewelry both fascinates me and creeps me out a little bit. Part of me thinks it's cute because who doesn't think cupcakes are adorable? But then there's that whole Mariah Carey "I'm a woman who refuses to act like a grown up and expresses that through very expensive yet juvenile jewelry" aspect to it. Know what I mean?
Anyhow, my ma (hi mom!) called the other day with a website she had read about in the paper that had itty bitty, reasonably priced foodstuffs for jewelry. Very wearable and cute. So wearable, in fact, that they get today's blog space. Without further ado, all from Pnut Jewelry...

Sterling Silver Cupcake Ring with Yellow Sapphire Sprinkles by Pnut Jewelry, $285

Me and You Popsicle Charm by Pnut Jewelry, $98 (I love this one.)

Cone Swirl with Wings Bangle, $199

Sterling Silver Ice Cream Scoop with multi gemstone sprinkles, $230

I usually don't post all from one site, but this place totally won me over for two reasons:
1. My best job ever was in an ice cream shop. The Dairy Queen in town had closed, so this guy, Mark, bought the shop and changed nothing about it. He opened it up as a pretend Dairy Queen (it might have been called Dairy Barn, but I can't quite recall) and really, if Dairy Queen had been a little more prtective of their brand image, they would have sued. First, my best friend got a job there and Mark ended up hiring a whole group of us, so we were always on shift with our friends. He was also never there. The dude was shady like you wouldn't believe, showing up drunk and taking handfuls of money from the register, but it was his place so who were we to say anything? I remember creating these amazing ice cream concoctions and having whipped cream fights and all of my meals coming from that store. Ah, the metabolism of a 17 year old.

Weezer Necklace, $30
2. For a very long time, I was a diehard Weezer fan and often wished to be of the Asian persuasion (good band name?) so I could have a chance with lead singer Rivers Cuomo, who had a well reported attraction to/ fetish for the Asian ladies (scroll down to "Personal Life"). That never happened. Then he got married and their records weren't as interesting anymore. But I still love them and get a little electric thrill when I see that W.

Speaking of cupcakes, the BF and I finally found an apartment! I often think of cupcakes when I think of our new place because we are right down the street from Martha's Bakery, which makes very Magnolia-like (but a little bit better, in my opinion), ones. I'm actually embarrassed that such a big draw for us (me) to the area was all the great food. We met with about five realtors, saw 20 apartments and after much deliberation, we went with the one that offers this view when you walk out of the front door (excuse the crappy camera phone picture):
(Upper East Side of Manhattan, across the river, and the Triboro bridge all lit up. Taken from the edge of Astoria Park.)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Favorites: Dancing with Dusters

It's been kind of a hectic, yo-yo week. The sort of week where I wake up with an achy jaw every morning and know I've been grinding my teeth at night. I mentioned way back when that my company was being sold to a much larger company. As of Monday, the deal was off. Tuesday? Back on. Wednesday? Off. Today? Meetings to see if maybe it can be back on. Madness.

Anyhow, to get my mind off this stuff I can't really control, I've been listening to music and perusing jewelry... and just in time for Friday Favorites!

1. The new albums from Fleet Foxes (Ragged Wood) and Tokyo Police Club (Elephant Shell). Sit in a big comfy chair and look out of the window for the Fleet Foxes one (I like the song "English House"). Drive fast on a highway or go clean your room and jump around with the duster for the Tokyo Police Club album. These have been on repeat in our house.

2. Re-issue of The Glow Pt. 2 by the Microphones. Before I had any conception of life as it is now; life on the beach, life with the fella, I used to drive down to Long Beach at 2 am (when the moon was full) and listen to this over and over again. On a portable CD player. It's a wonder I didn't get killed, now that I am thinking back. But I mostly remember being overwhelmed by how lovely the moon looked and how the waves were slightly scary in the dark.


Jane Tran Cherry Blossom Hair Clip, $22

Joy O Lucky Seven Necklace (Oxidized Silver and Creme Diamonds), $198

Crown Bangle by AV Max, $48

John Iverson Hydrangea Earrings, $790

Love of My Life ring by ArtisanImpact, $112