Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sat through Mon

We covered DFW; let's move onto brighter topics, yes? This past weekend was BF's b-day extravaganza, which mostly consisted of us lounging and then me cajoling BF into a Governer's Island trip, which was a-may-zing.

You take the subway allll the way downtown--past the ruined WTC site, past the Century 21 shoppers--right up until the subway car could hit the water. That's Whitehall Street. You get out and see the gorgeous, shining Staten Island Ferry (I'm not kidding). Look left. See that old fashioned building? That's where the Governer's Island ferry leaves every half hour. Free. You get on and take the 10 minute trip, twisting in your seat like a tourist. "Statue of Liberty!" "Waterfalls!" "Big old forts!" Once there, you walk around, in and out, looking at the wonderful art exhibits that cover the ground. Then you rent a 50's style Schwinn to bike around the island (Seafoam green for the ladies, silver for the fellas). Basket, bell, whole nine yards. Don't forget to say hello to the gigantic cat. (What can he possibly be eating to get so fat? And yes, we did call him guv'ner.)

What are you waiting for? The Island closes for the season on October 12th.  (UPDATE: Pics posted. You can see more at my Flickr.)

What else? Oh, last night? We saw My Bloody Valentine. I can't thoroughly explain how awesome and influential this band is. But anyhow, it was a totally mind-blowing experience. A little ear-blowing too; NY Mag suspects MBV "PLAY LOUDEST SHOW EVER" and I may concur. There was a 12-17 minute (opinion varies) wall of noise that exploded at the end of the last song. At first it felt exhilarating: like a 747 was landing on your head, but you were invincible. Then 3/4 I had to put in my free earplugs. I like being able to hear, I decided.

Okay! Jewelry! (No theme, except a perhaps personal theme which is: I found some new sites!)

(these folks are having a sample sale in NYC through the 26th. Information here.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sad news on the literary front this week, so let me put this out there first: RIP David Foster Wallace.

Readers, I won't lie: Infinite Jest was my postmodern nemisis. I bought the book. It fell apart from my countless thows against the wall. I took it out from the library, worrying over a possible hernia from it's heft (almost 1100 pages), yet I persisted. That was sophmore year of college. Four years after graduation, the library edition is still sitting on my bookshelf, a tiny scrap of paper marking where I gave up. That's what it was, really. Giving up. The book defeated me, casually tossing footnotes and ceaseless wit at my poor 21-year-old head. Now I'm older, wiser and I may just give it another shot. Anyhow, part of me likes knowing I haven't finished Infinite Jest: it'll be an accomplishment when I finally do. (BTW, good college chum Mr. Bungle first implored me to read Mr. Wallace's landmark tome and even though I didn't get into the fiction, I'll always be thankful as DFW's non-fiction story "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again" will always be one of my favorites things in the world.)

Jewelry update coming; too much to fit in one post...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stephanie Nielson

Stephanie Nielson (aka Nie Nie) and her husband Christian. Photo from Nie Nie's blog.
Though only three days ago I mentioned I wouldn't be blogging much, I did want to write up a quick post for a great and generous thing Wendy B is doing.

Wendy is auctioning off her exquisiste Diana Necklace to raise money for Stephanie Neilson, a blogger who was tragically injured (burned on over 80% of her body) in a plane crash last month. The flight instructer died and Stephanie's husband, Christian, was also burned.

Wendy is doing an awesome thing, so please please please head over to her blog and read the details and bid. Get in on the good karma towards Stephanie and Christian and know that you'll be helping a fellow blogger--this is a community, after all.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Waiting for Greek Food...

Here I am! It's been a long couple of weeks full of awesome book parties (at which the joint was so crowded, I couldn't even find the table to buy said book [said book being Cringe put together by the amazingly talented Sarah Brown of Que Sera Sera]), not enough sleep, the US Open (sexy Federer) and the boyfriend's new professor gig. So, you know. Busy.

Last post I insinuated that I would be closing up shop here at In Yr Fshn. Some very nice comments gave me pause in my hasty decision, but seeing as how I promised a post this past weekend and now it's Thursday, I don't know that I am actually capable of keeping the blog--no matter how much I may want to. As I told the fabulous Wendy: I clutch my spare moments to my bosom as if they were diamonds or something. Appropriate simile, right?

For now, I will try to keep things going here, but I know that posts will be few and far between (twice a month?), so please bear with me. Hopefully things will calm down a bit and I can start thinking about things I actually like again.

Today's post will be a two parter: some pictures of kitties and such, then some jewelry. And here we go...

Fattiepants Magee

Miss Stella

Pretty Sky at US Open

Hot BF at US Open

And now! I feel like crazy layered necklaces in all sorts of mixed metals and media become the "new thing" every September, but I'm really digging them this year... a few favorites....

Justin Giunta Subversive Locket Necklace, $760

Heavy Metal Necklace by Cassandra's Beads, $45

Kim and Maki Goth Layered Necklace, $245

Neawear Chain Necklace "10", $35