Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hidden in Plain Sight

Edit: I don't know why this reads like a humorless, tourist guide entry, people. Post-nap brain'll do that to you. But it's still a valid post!

I thought I'd tell you about my favorite place in Manhattan because, though it's in a heavily trafficked location, many people seem to miss this wonder. In Grand Central terminal, there is a wing (Grand Central Market) dedicated to a row of counters, all selling marvelous foodstuffs: cupcakes, starfruit, tuna burgers. Basically, whatever you didn't know you were craving. But when you walk in from Lexington avenue, just look up. There's an amazing sight:

Lest you think your eyes are deceiving you, yes, that is a giant, upside-down crystal tree. Here are some more views, courtesy of the MTA website:

This one is from MHJohnston's Flickr Stream:

It's by artist Donald Lipski and is called Sirshasana, after the inverted tree pose in yoga. There's more information about it here.
Doesn't it look like a great big piece of jewelry?

Manhattan has all these little miracles tucked into hidden corners: a gargoyle smiling from a skyscraper perch, an anonymous boutique where you find your favorite piece of clothing, a small square of central park where you can watch the swans... Winter was getting me down, but warm temperatures this weekend are reminding me of all the great explorations to be had in the city.