Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Favorites: A Little More Organic

All from Etsy today...

Queen Ann Hair Combs by Gurlygirl, $155

Sterling and Brass ring by SaraBlythe, $55

Jacobean Embroidered Felt Cuff by Rosez75, $42.25

Text Post Earrings by Foundling, $15

Pale Pink Kunzite with 14K gold-fill chain by Alexaxoxo, $48

I'd like to open the blog up to requests if anyone has them... maybe a pair of earrings you could never find, or a certain stone or you love or even some gift ideas... let me know.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Almost the Weekend

For those of you who ask what life working from home is like, well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In a Space

Three Things I am Painfully Obsessed With:

1. Scott Baio is 46... and Pregnant
I wish I could be embarrassed about this, but I just can't bring myself to exude that level of modesty/ humiliation when a predominant part of my daily conversation consists of lecturing Cat A on why it isn't appropriate to steal Cat B's treats. Mr. Baio is surprisingly sharp and the show is hilarious and pathetic and life-affirming all at once. Who knew? (Of course, I also recommend the prequel Scott Baio is 45 and Single.)

2. Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago
The back story on this album is classic: a man makes music on his own (after being a part of several failed bands) in an old Wisconsin house in the middle of winter. It's spare in it's way, but more that you can hear the skeleton of each song very clearly, as well as the little notes that build up all over it. My favorite song so far is Skinny Love. I keep hearing a million different artists in this guy's voice: TV on the Radio, Iron and Wine, a tiny bit of Wolf Parade, some Microphones (especially at the end of The Wolves)...

3. How I Met Your Mother
I normally hate shows like this. Hipster sitcoms with little in jokes that you see bantered about the blog-o-sphere the day after it airs... but we finally succumbed to the hype and guess what? This show is really funny. It starts off a little shaky in season one, and the main character is totally unbearable (whiny, sensitive, looking for the woman of his dreams but doesn't notice he's a selfish prick... I have strong feelings about him), but it really gels in season two. By the middle episode, I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. There was some sexy snorting action.

Of course, I'm also (always) still obsessed with jewelry, so let's get cracking! Today's very minimal, silver and outline-y...

Maya Brenner State Necklaces (NY shown), $100

Interlocking Bangles by Nicola Morrison, £80.00

Scottie Earrings by Kris Nations, $34

Japanese Grid Ring by Erin Tracy

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well, they had to take the door off the hinges to get the desk in, my e-mail won't leave my outbox for some unknown reason and already there are little paw prints covering everything, but I'm settled! It was surprisingly easy, all things considered.

Today's post is just a catch up, to get back in the swing of things. I've been neglecting comments and that's definitely a punishable sin.

I've been meaning to take pictures of my how my jewelry is set up, to maybe give people some ideas on organization, and yesterday, I finally cleaned up enough to be okay with showing part of my bedroom to the world. Click on pictures to enlarge.

This is a basic shot of the jewelry corner in our bedroom:

And here are some details:

The bird is from Urban Outfitters, a place that carries quite the array of jewelry hanging things at reasonable prices. The two mosaic-ed hangers are from a shop in Piermont for about $10 each.

The anchors were a DIY project... sorta. There's a local (crappy) "general store" in town that sells all this stuff you never, ever think you'd want, and then suddenly the very thing you require can only be purchased there. I think these stores mostly inhabit beach towns--cheap towels, .50 cent Christmas ornaments, etc. We found the anchor there, as well as the bird and boat hangers. BF put some screws in the anchor, letting them stick out about an inch. I then painted them white and we crazy glued buttons to the tops. I've had this things for three years and it has not once fallen down or lost a button. I remain impressed.

BF's mom gave me this jewelry dresser for Christmas:
I use it for the non-costumey jewelry.

The tuppwerware chills on my dresser top alongside cosmetics:
Top drawer: earrings
Middle drawer: ring
Last drawer: everything else

The Christmas present ring (now joined by stacking rings) gets it's own box:

For now.

Thanks, everyone, for all the working-at-home support. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Eclipse (Of the Heart)*

Packing up my desk as tomorrow is my last official day in the office. Which is very alarming.
Enough about that.
In honor of tonight's lunar eclipse....

Half Moon Necklace by Peggy Li, $49 (gold-fill or sterling)

Conroy and Wilcox 18K Moonstone Ring, $1395

Sydney Evan Crescent Moon Necklace, $950

David Morgan Moon Earrings, $170 (14K)

*Is the song totally stuck in your head now? Oh! That reminds me. I've mentioned before that I am a huge NPR nerd, and that includes, amongst other programs, the show RadioLab. I have never used this word as a verb before, but here we go: I am totally geeked out because they are doing a live season four premiere at the Angelika theatre. That means 200 people will sit around staring at a blank screen listening to a radio show. Sweet! Also, they are looking for submissions to air during an upcoming episode... not quite sure what they actual title is, but they want people to call/ leave a comment about the stickiest song you know. (IE the song you can't get out of your head) Here's the link: Radiolab. I called and left a message disparaging "Apologize" by One Republic.
One more thing! Radiolab now has a blog and they did this little experiment on laughter...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Favorites: Bright & Gold

So the big work to-do is over with*(see below), temporarily, and it looks like I'll be working from home for a bit. When the headline, "Crazed Long Island Home Worker Kills Two Cats" appears in the local daily, please ignore it. I, of course, adore my cats. And all the little tufts of fur they leave everywhere. Oh! And the charming meows! One sounds like a cow and the other one just sounds pitiable. Oh yes, I can't wait to work at home all day with those two precious mini-bovines. I have vowed two things, and I will keep you updated on the progress here (because I might need some cheerleading):
1. I will go to the gym almost every day on my "lunch hour."
2. I will continue to shower regularly.

And now, folks, on to Friday Favorites!

Pippa Small Chyrsophase and Aquamarine Necklace, $1,400

Kelly Mulloy Wool Felt Cuffs $48

Lisa Cimino Roots Ring, $59 (which reminds me of Pan's Labyrinth in a good way)

Alisha Louise Deco Drop earring, $88

*Sorry for all the cryptic-ness! Basically, the company I work for was sold to a much, much larger company and yesterday I had to meet the owner of said large company. And find out whether or not I still had job. Also, if so, for how long. The kicker is, the sale is taking a really long time, and we have to be out of our office by the end of the month, hence the working from home. Which, really, is fine with me, because when the sale is completed, I will have to work in a corporate graveyard. In Jersey City. Land of drabness.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day (Almost)!

Tomorrow I find out some important work stuff that will most likely have big impact on my future. I know tone is hard to convey through the written word, so let me just put it out there: I am not excited about this. But! At least I'll be going into it with good shoes. (Thanks, mom!)

For all of you are still hanging around waiting for me to stop bringing you down and get all with the Valentine's Day jewelry already...

Pylon Heart Pendant (on nylon cord) by Mignon Faget, $150 for sterling silver

The Cassel Pink Diamond (very rare), $1,400,000

Red Thread rings at Marmelo, about $52 US (priced orginally in Yen)

Good Charma "Love" Bracelet, $400 for gold vermeil (silver also available)

Sophie "Twisting Heart" Necklace by Wendy Brandes, $7300

Hope everyone has a good one, whatever your relationship status may be...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lots of Stuff

I just wrote this whole long post agonizing over a dress, but the picture of myself in said dress kept making me cringe and the post begged me to euthanize it. Delaney got in a comment before deletion and suggested I vamp it up. You know what? Delaney is right.
Until then, here's some pieces I've been drooling over at Barney's. (Really! Drool all over my keyboard!)

18K and Recycled Bakelite "Lucy" ring by Mark Davis, $2990
(maybe a little pricey for recycled bakelite, but a portion of proceeds go to charity)

"Night Became Her" Pendant by Anna Ruth Henriques, $6500

fettY Zodiac Necklace (Aries), $675

Bing Bang Knot Bracelet, $275

Tiziana Vigano "Fay" Earrings, $3100

And here are some pictures from my new phone (Blackberry Pearl--which I am trying really hard to like...):

Drama cat

The sky was crazy yesterday. Bright blue and grey and white.

Newish hair color, which is very similar to oldish hair color and achieved through many hours of stress. You see, I dyed my hair brown on Thursday of last week, but nobody said anything, so I quickly became paranoid. On my lunch break, I bought hair "stripper" which essentially takes all permanent color from your hair and leaves it an orangey-red color. When I got home that day, I stripped the hair and didn't have time to re-dye it before BF got home, so when he didn't say anything I was like, "Hello! My hair is bright orange!" And he was like, "The light in here is so bad! This morning I thought your hair looked brown but I couldn't tell because of the light. It looked really nice though." And I was like, "IT WAS BROWN!!!"

Anyhow. Now it's back to the previous color. I think.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Friday Favorites: New Orleans Edition

Things are getting a bit stressful around work, so I'm taking tomorrow off. Have a great weekend!

The Highest Number Necklace by Dejarnette, $82 (I can't screen-capture the detail, but it's lovely, so go look at the website)

Tiny Bow Ring by Mignon Faget, $65 (sterling) or $290 (14K)

Mother of Pearl (OOAK) Earrings, $34

Chain Bracelet with Oyster by Jamie Joseph, $400

Locked Out

1. I'm a little obsessed with the song "Bed" by J. Holiday. It's an R. Kelly style R&B "we're having sexy sex" type of song, which is generally not my chosen genre, but there is something oddly romantic about this one... especially the following lines:
"First rub my back like you do, right there, you touch me like you care. Now stop. And let me repay for the week that you been through, working that 9 to 5 and staying cute like you do."
What can I say? I'm a sucker for a guy who notices that you (his lady) have been working your ass off and still looking good. That's sweet. Hey, I never said the lyrics were Nobel prize-worthy, but they do have charm. Something a lot of Nobel prize-winning books lack.

2. A lot of people liked the key necklace from the last post (which was, by the way, very affordable at $30 for sterling, $38 for vermeil and $130 for 14K). Here are some alternatives:

Clef de Cour Necklace, $58 and Wood Skeleton Key Necklace, $38 (both by Dejarnette NOLA)

Mini Golden Key Necklace, $10 (Fred Flare)

Antique Model Sterling Silver Key on Chain by Lost Button Studio, $40

Iwona Ludyga Tony Key Necklace, $160

3. Did you listen to "Bed" yet? Listen to it!

Monday, February 4, 2008


Of course, sockless on a snowy Monday....

Elma Blint pieces reminded me that Valentine's Day is around the corner. (I guess the red also applies to the Giants win yesterday, if you are a sports fan....)

*A lot of the prices weren't listed yet, but the website had a few. This first necklace in sterling is $250.

Sophia Necklace

Unnamed Bracelet

Key Necklace

Unnamed Ring