Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shells and Sunburns

So, I'm really sunburned. Look:

Normally, I wouldn't bitch because, well, when you get sunburn you've probably asked for it. But for perhaps the first time ever, I didn't do this on purpose. A long weekend of winding through street fairs and playing catch in the park did this to me. We also got dressed up and went to a lot dinners. I wore my favorite dress [pre-sunburn]:

...which the BF bought for me last Christmas.

I made baked goods to celebrate the BF's new part-time job: adjunct professor at a college in the city! (I'm no Modern Marie, I know...)

He's still grinding away at the 9-5, and this gig is only two days a week, but how cool, right? I'm already planning a killer outfit to show those freshman girls not to get any ideas...

Right now, though, I'm listening to the Frightened Rabbits (good if you like angsty UK rock with a dash of pop) and ready to get down to this blogging business.
Even though I don't live near the beach anymore, I still have an appreciation for the things it can offer, like pretty little (or big) shells...

Shell Ring by Mesi Jilly, $285

Vintage Dictionary Shell Necklace by Cupboard Scraps, $18.95

White Mother-of-Pearl Bracelet (at Brooks Brothers!), $89

Scallop Earrings by Tomoko Igarashi, $285

Speaking of shell jewelry, did anyone else read about this necklace made of shells from 100,000 years ago?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Astoria Update

Finally! My camera is finally relinquishing my pictures to the computer! Here's what's been happening... (not much)

1. I still take a lot of pictures of the little muffins:

2. Sometimes I go outside. The water is half a block from our apartment and here's the view:

(Manhattan, Upper East Side)

(Triboro Bridge, Randall's Island, that second bridge is the Hell's Gate Bridge, which Amtrak uses)

(Shore where the water on the stones and debris makes the prettiest--and most unusual--tinkling sound. Also, look at the sad bike!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Brooklyn Flea Jewelry

I'm stashing some money away so I can head to Brooklyn Flea next month, the new flea market that's open every Sunday (rain or shine) in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. My deepest loves include all things available at flea markets, garage and yard sales... vintage clothes, old timey jewelry, knick knacks... The idea of finding some hidden treasure=my siren call.

Here are some lovely pieces from the jewelry vendors listed on the Brooklyn Flea website:

Magda Bracelet by Gabriela de la Vega, $1300

Enamel Flowers with Pearl Earrings by Teresa Kahres

Megan's Strawflower Adornment at Bonbon Oiseau, $288

Red Peony Necklace by Gavin and Lily, $65

Tiny Wave Necklace by Odette NY, $95 (Large, $132)

Yuzen Earrings by Yova Designs

Forest Nymph Necklace by Eswera Jewelry, $80

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just a Little Bit

I'm sitting here waiting for the toothpaste flavor in my mouth to go away so I can enjoy a nice, big pot of edamame. In the meantime, let's look at some pretty little necklaces that will go perfectly with the sun dresses you should be able to pull out of the closet any day now...

Sarah Graham Double Shadow Circle Pendant, $540

Pyrrha Bee Necklace "A Mon Ami" (to my friend), $295

Delicate Rose Quartz Necklace by Peggy Li, $65

Sterling and Chalcedony Necklace by Tanyarejoyce, $20

This was way harder than I expected it to be and I can only blame allergies that are taking over my head and won't give it back. I hate pollen! And trees! And flowers! Global warming... can we speed it up a bit?
(Kidding. Sort of.)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Favorites: Mother's Day Edition

Only today do I realize that I should have done some sort of comprehensive "what jewelry to buy your mother for mother's day" post. My only excuse is that I need a lot of time to plan when to take my shower, my precious shower that has become a key out of my apartment. See, I don't leave the house until I'm showered, so I'm trapped until I feel ready to get to it.


Happy Mother's Day to all you people who celebrate! This morning on the radio I heard that, contrary to the Hallmark Conspiracy Theory, Mother's Day is an actual holiday that was started about 100 years ago. Sorry, but now you have to buy her something. You can't drone on and on about commercialization, blah, advertising guilt, etc. Of course, I only told you this two days before the big day, so you can be a little late. I'd suggest buying something from the ever-fashionable Wendy Brandes who finally got her website up and running! Go Wendy!

Shamefacedly, I must admit that I didn't really buy my mom jewelry for the big day. She was a little obsessed with a certain shirt, so I bought her one in every color along with various assorted things.

[I also want to give a quick shout out to this mother of whom I speak: Mom, you are absolutely the best mother ever! Thanks for being such a great mom and friend! More to come in the card!]

So if you are still totally unsure, or if you have successfully purchased a Mother's Day present and now need to treat yourself after all that stress of finding the perfect gift, well, maybe something down here will appeal to you. As they are Friday Favorites, you know they appealed to me (I'm in a necklace mood today):

14K Pave Heart Necklace with Black Diamonds by Phoenix Roze, $395
(It's funny, but I have very little interest in white diamonds, but I can't get enough of either black or uncut diamonds. And here I was thinking I'm a Tiffany girl.)

Speaking of Tiffany, however...

Paloma Picasso Crown of Hearts necklace, $185

Moonstone Chaos Necklace by Kelly Meeker Designs, $124

Harvest Moon Necklace by Lisa Levine, $276

Rough Diamonds Chandelier Necklace by Alexis Bittar (at Art Effect Chicago), $225


Now I really need to talk about my hair. I tried to avoid it, but the hair. It's killing me.
This is my own fault: going to a new hairdresser because they were closer and cheaper. But still. This woman (highly recommended by many people on the Internet--that'll teach me), chopped off a great deal of hair and now I don't know what to do. I'm going to pull a Whoorl and ask you to leave your choice in the comments. (P.S. The hair is a little wet in, I think, all these pictures)

Here's what it looks like right now:

-Pin straight with lots of weird layers thanks to hair lady
-bangs (obvs)
-blonde right now, but I might make it a little brighter or something

Should I:
A. Stop whining and let it grow out so my outrageously expensive hairdresser can give me a cut I am happy with


B. Make an appointment with said hairdresser to have it cut into a proper bob (current haircut was supposed to be a "long" bob) such as this...

You can also pick C and just make up something! I'm flexible.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Etsy Torture

I've lately been obsessed with finding a very particular necklace. This obsession (bad) has led me to fruitless hours on etsy, thinking, just one more click and I know I'll find it! Thinking, okay, it's 8:54 now... I can keep looking until 9:02 but no longer. My deadline comes and goes. I miss it.
I can't describe it, really, but it's got to have these little glass flowers that I'm suddenly smitten with:

Something Blue by vieuxbijoux, $16

Minnie Czech Glass Beads by candysart, $12

Sparrow Bouquet Necklace by ERMOriginal, $18

Red Flower Cluster Choker by puffluna, $27

A sampling from etsy:

I don't know... the choker comes closest to my imaginary necklace, but I'm not ready to order it yet. Because, of course, as soon as I do, the exact necklace I am dreaming of will show up.
Let me know if you see it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Parade of Wolves

Wolf Parade Poster by El Jefe Design

Since their second EP, Wolf Parade has taken top awards (in my head) as best band. Ever. Well, maybe not ever. I know people get all huffy about The Beatles and whatnot. But Wolf Parade is my favorite band by a good margin: their first album, Apologies to the Queen Mary, has many more plays on my iPod than any other album. I also often obsess over the keyboardist to the point where he has individually become top o' my list of celebrities I am allowed to canoodle with, allowed by the BF. (I am pretty sure the BF knows this.)

Anyhow, these last two days have been utterly thrilling as I've been listening to their new album, At Mount Zoomer, and totally loving it.

Here's to Wolf Parade!

Wendy Brandes Isabella She-Wolf Necklace, price upon request until Wendy gets her website up

Recycled Gold Wolf Ring by Species by the Thousands, $300

Wolf Bracelet by Odin Lonning, $168 (designed in the Pacific Northwest style)

Wolf Tooth Necklace, $40

My little feline, pissed that I just woke her up and am taking pictures just as she's finishing a yawn. (If she were a human, she'd be all, "Don't you dare post this on the Internet for the world to see!" But since she cannot speak...)