Monday, February 11, 2008

Lots of Stuff

I just wrote this whole long post agonizing over a dress, but the picture of myself in said dress kept making me cringe and the post begged me to euthanize it. Delaney got in a comment before deletion and suggested I vamp it up. You know what? Delaney is right.
Until then, here's some pieces I've been drooling over at Barney's. (Really! Drool all over my keyboard!)

18K and Recycled Bakelite "Lucy" ring by Mark Davis, $2990
(maybe a little pricey for recycled bakelite, but a portion of proceeds go to charity)

"Night Became Her" Pendant by Anna Ruth Henriques, $6500

fettY Zodiac Necklace (Aries), $675

Bing Bang Knot Bracelet, $275

Tiziana Vigano "Fay" Earrings, $3100

And here are some pictures from my new phone (Blackberry Pearl--which I am trying really hard to like...):

Drama cat

The sky was crazy yesterday. Bright blue and grey and white.

Newish hair color, which is very similar to oldish hair color and achieved through many hours of stress. You see, I dyed my hair brown on Thursday of last week, but nobody said anything, so I quickly became paranoid. On my lunch break, I bought hair "stripper" which essentially takes all permanent color from your hair and leaves it an orangey-red color. When I got home that day, I stripped the hair and didn't have time to re-dye it before BF got home, so when he didn't say anything I was like, "Hello! My hair is bright orange!" And he was like, "The light in here is so bad! This morning I thought your hair looked brown but I couldn't tell because of the light. It looked really nice though." And I was like, "IT WAS BROWN!!!"

Anyhow. Now it's back to the previous color. I think.


Anonymous said...

Love all the jewelry! And by the way, did you see the birdcage necklace on I remember a post about one...

And I envy your lovely lips and ability to pull off lipstick... I have Marcia Brady mouth and anything besides Chapstick or Lip Venom makes them disappear...

Delaney said...

Oh yeahhh, bebeh!

Love the creamy skin. My pores are jealous.

Debbie said...

I totally love the second pendant! And U look cute in that pic XD rosy cheeks, wavy hair and red lips!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

oh wow you are so gorgeouuuusssss!!!

Flair said...

Hair drama! That is so me, because my hair is dark brown, and no one ever notices when I do anything to it. :(

jewelboxdreams said...

Well, I think your hair looks good. And I think your cat looks cute. And I like the Big Bang bracelet. And why don't you like your new phone?

krissy said...

i bet you looked amazing with brown hair! i wish you had a picture to post...

but you look fab with the blonde too.

Elizabeth said...

I love all the jewelry, and the earrings, especially.

Try to learn to like your BBPearl. I got used to mine after a few weeks, but for the first 13 days, I wanted to use it as:
a) a projectile
b) something to run over with my car
c) a doorstop
d) a paperweight.

I got over it, you will too!

That's a great photo of you, you're very cute!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

That "night became her" necklace is ravishing, they all are. I like the newish hair color.

riz said...

I've never attempted to dye my own hair :)

That first rainbow ring is exquisite. I must find one in a price range that doesn't require me getting evicted from my home...

adiav said...

I think you'd look awesome as a brunette, too. It'd bring out the colour of your eyes and lips. I'm sure it looked great.

paperback reader said...

Ha ha, we notice nothing. "You still have boobs, though, right? Okay, good."

If we were smart, we'd just say, "Hey, your hair looks really nice today" every other day.

In Yr Fshn said...

Heather: As a matter of fact, I *did* see the urban necklace. They need to start paying me for noticing trends! Also, thank you!

Delaney: Thanks! Which blog is yours, if any?

Debbie: Me too! It was a lucky pic--the only kind I'll post!

Jen: Aw, thanks! This post is totally making my day!

Flair: I know... it feels like even the slightest change should be so noticeable... and then it isn't.

JDBS: The phone is just kind of annoying. It's very sensitive, and I am sometimes mean to phones. We need therapy.

Krissy: Thank you! I have a shadowy pic. I'll update this post with it.

Enc: That makes me feel so much better. Okay, only nine more days to go. I'll just keep whispering that to myself.

TCL: That's one of my faves too.

Riz: I try to stay away from self hair coloring (something I did through college as a poor student), though I am actually pretty good at it. I have a big meeting this week, and I couldn't get an appt. for touch up, so of course I had to screw things up! Also, I'll look around for a less expensive alternative to that ring...

Alex: Thanks... I may try it again once my hair has recovered from this debacle.

Pistols: I have told my BF time and time again to just say what you suggested--I promised it would save him the trouble of me crying. I guess he's a masochist.

WendyB said...

Good trauma! Nice jewelry from Barney's. That's where I should be >:-(

Delaney said...

No blog for me! I'm a grad student - I waste plenty of time just reading blogs, thanks ;) Found yours through MightyGirl at some point. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

u look spectacular! gorgeous lips i must say!

Anonymous said...

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