Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Today's Jewelry

As I got dressed this morning, I put a little bit more thought into my jewelry, knowing that I'd be posting about it. I settled on the following:

This necklace was another collaboration with Em, the jeweler who I wrote about here. I told her that I was looking for a chunky, light piece to wear with greys, blacks and purples for winter and fall (last year). I've always liked the presence (like, hello! look at me wearing this big thing!) of multiple strand necklaces. We settled on moonstone, and she added snow jade to the finished product, which is composed of briolettes, nuggets (both faceted and very flashy), ovals, coins, rounds and small rondelles. I love this necklace and don't wear it nearly as often as I should. When I wear black, I always think it looks like a scattering of stars.
The earrings are another Nordstrom's Off the Rack purchase. If you haven't noticed, they are my go-to for marcasite. I like studs, but not too boring. (I really wanted to make a joke about my bf there, but am having trouble deciding. I like my men like I like my earrings: studs, but not too boring! There. I think that worked out well.)

The outfit is a black sweater set and a dark denim skirt with beige stitching.


WendyB said...

The necklace came out beautifully! I love that you had a hand in designing it. LOL @ your bf/studs comparison.

In Yr Fshn said...

Thanks, Wendy! I loved that part of it too. I think it makes a piece more meaningful.
I hope my bf appreciates his stud comaprison!

WendyB said...

You do know the movie "Airplane" and the famed "black like my coffee" line, right? :-)))

In Yr Fshn said...

I'm embarrassed to say I've never made it through Airplane!... I saw part of it at a Synogague sleepover, but the place turned to chaos and never got through the whole thing. (Rowdy Jewish youngsters, you know.)

Though, I can guess the context of your quote I think. Naughty?

WendyB said...

Best thing was that it was said by a little girl to a little boy. You HAVE to watch that whole movie. It is high-larious! My whole family still quotes from it regularly.