Thursday, September 20, 2007

Friday Favorites: My Boyfriend

(Still life with cat)

Tomorrow is my wonderful boyfriend's 33rd birthday! I'll be taking off from blogging tomorrow, so today's post is dedicated to him.

We met almost four years ago and became romantically involved by chance. A little something I (and Hollywood) like to call a "meet cute." I was a journalism major and had to interview a writer I liked, admired, read, etc. Kurt Loder from MTV never answered me, so I requested an interview with this guy who, at the time, wrote an amazing weekly column in a local paper. He agreed. I primped beforehand, knowing he was young and, from his header photo, his mouth looked cute (that's all you could see).

When I met him, I found out that he was knee-bucklingly handsome and frankly, the interview was stilted because of my anxiety. I thought he hated me (I assumed aloofness where shyness actually dwelt). Later, I had to follow up with a few more questions via e-mail and we resumed a conversation about the film Lost in Translation. He, fortunately, mistook my polite chitchat as a hint and asked me out on a date. The rest, as they say, is history. Now we've got two precious cats and a lot of life to live together. Thanks, baby, for making these years so great!

(Our Swedish band photo)

He collects sneakers, Nike Dunks to be precise, so today's (short--blogger cuts me off when the posts get too big!) post is in tribute to my love and his collection:

Crocodile Stars Nike Dunk hi (I call these the Disney shoes cause they look straight outta Fantasia. There's a lot of purple, but I'm not sure if you can see it here.)

Amethyst and agate ring, 'Bright Peace' $282.85

Send Help Nike Dunk Hi (These are pretty cool sneakers even to a person who rates sneakers a 4-ish on her most interesting things list. They are apparently highly collectible as well.)

Custom Necklace (made for me by the jeweler I've collaborated with before)

Be True to Your School Nike Hi Dunks (He wears these all the time. 50 billion pairs of sneakers and these get action every day!)

Diamond and Sapphire Earrings, $2200

Happy Birthday!!!


Sarah B. said...

Aw, this is sweet.

WendyB said...

AW! What a sweet post. You two are such a cute couple! Love that pic.

krissy said...

i'm so behind in all of my blog reading...
bloglines tells me there's 17 of your posts i haven't read! so in that way, i'm kinda glad you're taking a day off so i can (hopefully) catch up!

thanks SO MUCH for the link for those grey cable tights...they're perfect! if i can't find any locally, i might have to spring for them. thanks again!

enjoy your weekend with the birthday boy! :)

B.lush said...

My boyfriend likes his tennies pretty crazy too. I thought i was the only one with that problem. I had to pry a pair of multicolored neon shoes from him just this past month. I guess that's what happens when your shoes is your only excuse to acessorize.

ps loved reading about you and your boo.

Jennifer said...

aww you and your bf are so cute!

In Yr Fshn said...

Thanks, ladies! Today we are off to Magnolia for some birthday cupcakes. Have a great weekend!

bee said...

cute post!

LML said...

how cute!?!?! that is def a meet cute!

gilda said...

wow i'm so jealous. i've been so happy being single but when i read or hear stories like these, i really want a boyfriend too. i'm really happy for you. :)

Vintage Bunny said...

You two look so sweet together.
Does he use those shoes for exercise or for everyday use?

Anonymous said...

I really like this post! You guys look great together. Happy birthday to him :)

- Lillian from

In Yr Fshn said...

Thanks again, everyone!
Gilda, you'll get yours! I was single for two years before I met my fella.

Vintage Bunny: Oddly enough, he uses boring New Balances for exercise. These are all for show. I can't tell you how many times we get stopped because of the sneakers---people ask where he got them, tell him how cool they are, etc.