Monday, September 10, 2007

The Beloved Swiss

I really like Roger Federer. If I hadn't attended a night at the US Open and gotten subsequently sucked into the world of tennis, I probably would never have known who this man is. Instead, I sat entranced in front of the TV last night for several hours, squeezing the decorative throw pillows so hard it's a wonder they weren't squealing. The cat wouldn't sit on my stomach because I kept flinching every time Federer missed a seemingly simple shot. As you many have read, the Swiss tennis god did win his fourth consecutive Open last night, and it was a doozy. Most people love Federer because they think he's perfect; I love him because I can recognize his errors. The commentators, able as they may be, turn into dithering sycophants every time Federer is on court, which both aggravates me and amuses me. Even when he made a series of rather dumb errors, they were like, "Federrer just made one of the most interesting errors in history..."

Anyhow, I also like that he teamed up with Unicef to make and sell the Feder-bear for charity (I know!!! Feder-bear!!):

So of course (and thanks bf for the suggestion), a post on Swiss jewelry would be in order today. Unfortunately, though the Swiss seem to have a toe hold in the watch market, I can't find enough Swiss jewelry I love. Therefore, in honor of Federer overcoming his net issues (couldn't get the ball over it, the ball kept hitting it---really painful to watch) yesterday, the following pieces are all net-inspired:

Cast a Net of Freshwater Pearls, $70

Net Ring, $54.95

Fruity Net Bracelet, $40

Agate "Colors in a Net" Necklace, $262.95

Silver Grid Ring

Edmonton Necklace, $28.07

John Hardy Kali menari Bracelet

I ended up using a couple of my favorite designers today, especially John Hardy. He'll most likely get his very own post; his designs are intricate and modern and just really gorgeous. I haven't been able to find this bracelet for sale anywhere, but hopefully it will turn up soon...

Anyhow, congrats, Roger!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I love today's theme (and the jewelry, especially that last bracelet!)

- Lillian from

WendyB said...

The net ring is my favorite. But I walked by the TV as my husband was watching the tennis and I swear I thought Federer was Orlando Bloom.

In Yr Fshn said...

Oh, Wendy, such blasphemy! In his own way, Federer is much more attractive then Bloom. He's always got this bemused smirk on his face, like there ain't nothing wrong with the world. Who was your husband rooting for?

WendyB said...

I'm not husband was also very involved in some football and baseball watching and apparently both his teams lost and he was in a terrible mood all night!

In Yr Fshn said...

I know what you mean. Luckily, the bf is pretty limited to baseball...