Thursday, September 13, 2007

School Daze

When I was in junior high (sixth, seventh and eighth grades), a couple of jewelry fads seemed to linger for longer then a season. I was caught up in three particular trends and I remember wearing these pieces for at least two years, until I came to my senses. Unfortunately, photographic evidence remains. Not that I'm going to show you, of course. It's enough to know that these pictures exist. On my grandma's wall. At any rate, it wasn't the trend itself that embarrasses me all these years later, rather the way in which I carried it out. Did I have to insist on the hideous satin choker with paste rhinestones? What about the new age quartz wrapped in wire and maybe a fairy hanging around? I loved starting school just to wear these things.

Now it's back to school time again, and that got me thinking about the things I used to wear. In honor of my 14 year old self, here are some modern versions. In ten years I hope my 35 year old self won't look back on this post in horror!

I just wanted to note that I think I only wore necklaces as a youngster. That changed in the 9th grade vicinity, but up until then, I lived in terror of trying to coordinate accessories.

The Geode Necklace: These were big. Geode anything was pretty big, actually. Gold plated (shudder) on a satin cord... queen of the mall. Here's a version I would wear today:

Melissa Joy Manning Geode Necklace, $319

Sterling by Sita Custom Geode Necklace

Quartz: Ugh. Everybody had these. Wrapped in wire, accompanied by dragons and wizards. I think at one point the official scent of my junior high was patchouli.
I wish I could travel back in time and hand my young self one of the following to wear instead...

Quartz necklace, 'Valiant Heart, $149.95

Quartz Crystal Drop necklace, $79

The Choker: Sigh. Then I liked chokers because I could satisfy my obsessive compulsion to be very matchy-matchy. After all, chokers came in every stripe and color. I am aware now (miraculously) that chokers do not need to come in satin, velvet or lace exclusively. I really liked the necklace Michelle Williams wore to the Oscars:

This one is also interesting and would probably look breathtaking on the right bride:

Vintage Vogue Choker

Lemon Meringue Choker, $22.00

Vintage Style Sterling Silver Marcasite Choker Necklace, $34.99

I'm sure other atrocities have slipped my mind, but that's why people remember their youth fondly, right? Because they can't really remember it at all...


This is a picture of my hometown mall (Christmas 2006 from here). It was built in 1992 and became something of a second home to myself and my friends, until we all left that town for good. God, I knew that floor plan by heart. Many chokers purchased here.


WendyB said...

"I think at one point the official scent of my junior high was Patchouli. "...BWAH!!!! I love chokers. I think Michelle Williams looked divine that night. I'm trying to think of bad jewelry trends from high school to share with you but it must be too horrifying and my mind's just blacked them out.

In Yr Fshn said...

Ditto Michelle Williams. She was radiant. I'm so sad they broke up! Let me know if you think of anything... I'd love to hear it! Though I totally understand the blacking out. Hopefully, mine will fade soon enough...

LML said...

i loved michelle's necklace! that whole ensemble has to be one of my favorites of all time!

Anonymous said...

ah the things you wear when your young, always come back to haunt you...but the bad trends are the most interesting to look back on! Michelle williams looked gorgeous, her dress, her lip colour, her hair, her chocker everything!

Fashion Tidbits said...

Ah ~i love your jewellery blog, it's awesome! keep up the great work!

I think the geode patterns are really awesome, I'm loving the crystal quartz drop necklace and the meringue? choker?!!!! :)

Blogger said...

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