Monday, November 12, 2007

Tagged Again!

The kind and wonderful Jewel Box Dreams tagged me for another round of "Seven Things." Like Wendy, I never tire of talking about myself, so even though I was recently tagged, I can happily manage another couple of items.

1. I really want to move to...: Seattle, WA. BF and I went there on vacation in May, and we both sort of fell in love with it. Clean, beautiful, hip... what an amazing little city.

My little nightmares.
2. I am constantly...: Defending the cats. They drive the BF CRAZY. He is forever threatening to make cat stew. Don't worry, PETA: he doesn't know how to cook.

Pom Pom and Pom Pom. Do you see the resemblance?
3. Speaking of cats...: We each had our own coming into the relationship. Stella is mine. She's named after Estella from Great Expectations. If you remember, Estella was a snooty bitch. Never has such a name suited a cat. Pom Pom, the BF's cat, came into his life on a Brooklyn fire escape. My BF blames him for the Yankees downfall. We have never called him Pom Pom (named after a Homestar Runner character), and instead call him any of the following:
-Fattie Pork-Pie
-Prince Fatty-pants
-Colonel Fat Muffin
-The Fatscicle (when it's cold)
-Mister Fatty Foo

Yes, these names are embarrassing.

My comic book boyfriend, Sandman
4. I am a huge...: Comic book nerd. Most people are really, really surprised at this. I guess that's a good thing? Watchmen, Chris Ware, Dan Clowes, Batman, Neil Gaiman. Love 'em all.

Physician lancing a bubo, or lymph node swollen by infection with bubonic plague bacteria; from a Flemish illumination, 14th century from EB.
5. No, seriously...: I am obsessed with the Bubonic Plague. What's up with that? Right now I am reading The Great Mortality by John Kelly. Did you know one of the first (alleged) uses of biological warfare occurred during the plague? In 1347, the Tarters were trying to invade Genoa. The Genoans had locked themselves up inside town, so the Tarters started catapulting the bodies of plague victims over the fence to sort of "smoke them out." It didn't really work; the Tarters got sick too, from handling the disease-ridden body. Nice try though, right? The most fascinating part? The article detailing this potential warfare in 1347 was published in a 2002 journal of Emerging Infectious Disease, which is interesting because...

6. I work in the medical journal field and I can tell you right now that no major corporation is gonna buy reprints for an article on the Tartan Invasion of 1347. I love that EID went with it anyhow.

7. Dream job?: Photographer.

(Except for 4 & 5, all pictures are mine)


Lady N said...

I totally remember Estella! And my husband & I want to move to Seattle too - that is on our list of cities we want to live in.

In Yr Fshn said...

You guys have great taste! :) I can't believe a city can be so beautiful... we want to see Portland next.

WendyB said...

"Colonel Fat Muffin"!!!! LOL LOL LOL.

Sarah B. said...

I liked this post a lot.

I love comic book art too. I have spent many a lunch hour in Forbidden Planet. Do you like Adrian Tomine?

Valley Girl said...

Maybe I'll think about putting Seattle on my "cities to see" list! Sounds great!

Vintage Bunny said...

I remember Estella and her snooty ways.That book was my favorite.
I wish I could say something nice about Atlanta but its a mix here,will be blogging on that soon

In Yr Fshn said...

Wendy: The list extends far beyond these few names, but that's one of my favorites too...

Sarah B.: Thank you! I LOVE Adrian Tomine and often fantasize about being his blonde hipster object of affection. Don't tell the bf. Also love Forbidden Planet, though Midtown comics has sort of taken up a bigger chunk of my heart. I'm also really into Fables, which is incredible if you've not read it.

Valley Girl: I can almost guarantee you'll love it. What lady can't love a place that has Nordstrom's first store?

VB: Can't wait to hear about Atlanta. I want to do a Southern Road Trip and am having great difficulty convincing the mister.

WendyB said...

Lately I call Henry "Henry Q Public."
I don't know why.

ambika said...

I'm glad you liked Seattle--especially given that you're in New York.

I was wondering if you've read 'Doomsday Book' by Connie Willis. She's essentially a sci fi writer, which isn't usually a genre I'm drawn to. But hers are essentially time travel novels where the characters spend most of their time knee deep in a past time--in this case the height of the plague in England. I loved it.

riz said...

Wow #5 is hilarious...

Bobble Bee said...

Im so sad we didn't speak of any of your "seven things"... im a big fan of all of them ^_^

Bobble Bee said...

BTW those images are fantastic, the ones you took, really like them. so poetic...

In Yr Fshn said...

Wendy: because you are awesome, obvs. Henry Doe next?

Ambika: That book sounds amazing! I love sci-fi and fantasy! Going to the libe site in two seconds to see if I need to reserve it.

Riz: And sad. I am now a walking trivia machine re: the plague.

Boble Bee: Thank you! We have to meet again to talk about these things!