Thursday, November 8, 2007

What You'll Be Missing

Tomorrow is Friday Favorites, and next week I'm going to get back to the history of jewelry (some really fascinating stuff on slashed gloves), but today is a free day.

So, I've made it clear many times before that winter is not my favorite season. The static, the cold, the chills that nestle deep into your bones and won't budge until April. The dark mornings and darker evenings.

Living near the beach adds a whole other dimension of agony to winter: the wind. Yeah, sure, I hear you: it's windy by you too. That's nothing, nothing compared to the type of wind that blows through a beach town. It's a force, so strong that three or four times a week, as I round the corner to our entryway, I feel as though I'll be pushed over.

But the great thing? The one perfect thing that I will miss terribly when we move?

Man, those surfers are crazy.


jen said...

the ocean is my backyard so i totally know what you meant about living on the beach and it's seriously the best. those are great photos. i wanna go surfing with them.

editor said...

i just got experienced vicarious hypothermia!

Anonymous said...

omg just looking at those surfers sends shivers down my spin. but i think i would rather be the one watching them then joining them.

WendyB said...

Okay, that is nuts.