Friday, November 16, 2007

$30 or Less

By popular demand, I've done a $30 or Less list. I know the holidays are fast approaching, so these lists will be around often, and I'll try to limit the costs. It seems like we are all on a similar budget this year!

Ringlet Earrings by Peggy Li, $29 (silver or gold-fill)

Cocoa Beach by Madame Bijoux, $22.29

Belt Bracelet set, $20 for two

Tiny Naiad Necklace, $28
Athena Earrings, $28

(Both by We Dream in Colour --You guys really liked their ring.)

Delicate Balance Necklace by Julie Garland, $30

Abilene Earrings by Gemmafactrix, $22

Tiny Blossom Ring by Iacua, $28

Other websites to check out for inexpensive but still ever-so-lovely gifts:
Day Lab
Cut and Paste
Fred Flare
Ambika's etsy shop


WendyB said...

I'm not liking this budget *grumbling*

atelier said...

That lovely balance necklace reminds me in some way the one the Russian gave to Carrie when they were in Paris

The Clothes Horse said...

I am flipping over that belt bracelet!!!

Lady N said...

great finds! :) This will be good for my holiday shopping

Vintage Bunny said...

You did really great,I love your choices!!

riz said...

Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about Fred Flare...