Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh, Stacy

Last night, I plugged in the Christmas lights, lit some candles, put on my glasses and settled in with the kitties to watch a DVR'd episode of TLC's Fashionably Late with Stacy London. It was a meditative experience. Also, highly cringe-inducing. Don't get me wrong; I love Ms. London. I love her slob-to-style maven Cinderella story, and I adore her snooty biting wit opposite Clinton Kelly on What Not to Wear. But, as I explained to my BF last night, it seems some executive told Miz L to be "warmer" or "generous" or "more relatable" and that somehow translates on the small screen as needy and clingy. She was oozing desperation throughout the show. Between the shoe wall and fully stocked bar, the set itself felt like person screaming "LOVE ME!" She was handing out drinks to the audience (possibly the only good idea they came up with), and fawning over guest Rebecca Romijn.

It was painful. I'll probably be tuning in next week.

Face I made frequently during the show

One of her more worthwhile segments involved up-and-coming designers, including Kimberly McDonald, who had such lovely jewelry that I dropped the remote and ran to the computer to get a better look. Unfortunately, McDonald has a very small online presence limited to a basic website for her line, called Rockras, along with some contact info and locations. Jewelers! Get an online store! People want to know the cost of your items with having to track them down in Texas or something!

I get the idea of luxury jewelry, I do. But if you aren't yet an established luxury name, it seems like the bigger the presence you have out there, the better. Eh. Maybe that's just me.

Anyhow, here are some of her lovely pieces:

UPDATED: The deal is, I knew she had a previous show called Shut Up! with Stacy London as many of your kind comments pointed out. The problem is thus:
1. The show was only on for one episode and it was almost the exact same thing as Fashionably Late w/ SL.
2. It had been the subject of much ridicule around our house, to the point that my original post on this subject ran two pages in Word. I couldn't do that to you people.


Anonymous said...

Haha, as I was reading this a commercial for that show came on TV. I don't think the crappy cable at my school has TLC though.

fashionfix said...

I remember a preview episode early in the summer and I believe it was for this same show.. but it was called something else, like "Shut Up!", I think! Anyway, I got the same feeling. I do love Stacey on What Not to Wear (but Clinton is my favourite) but she doesn't really work for me as a host by herself! Too bad, really.

The Clothes Horse said...

Those stones are gorgeous! And I think I need to see Ms. London's show for myself. I love her on What Not to Wear.

Emma said...

I dont know i saw it and it wasn't horrible but it did seem like she was trying a tad to hard you dont try to be fashionable you are or your not its a very black and white business

WendyB said...

BWAH! I like your expression. Is my presence big enough yet?!? :-O

jdbsusanna said...

i've never seen the show (no cable tv at school!) but the jewelry is beautiful. especially the necklace. gorgeous! amazing what nature produces.

Sarah B. said...

She was originally supposed to have a talk show called "Shut Up! It's Stacy London." At least they changed the name.

miznyc said...

hi there. just stumbled on to your blog. That jewelry is breathtaking. I think your expression tells it all. lol.

ambika said...

Oh, that's too bad because I really like 'What Not to Wear.' Admittedly, the commercials for it didn't look good but I figured if I was up late enough...

atelier said...

I've never watched that show, I guess here we don't have it! I like the black necklace from the last pic, it's very nice

Sally Jane said...

First of all - I love that third necklace. Second of all, Stacy without Clinton just DOES NOT work. Her show is simply unbearable. I didn't make it through the entire episode of "Shut Up" and I didn't even try to watch the new show. It gives me the idiot shivers.

In Yr Fshn said...

Lynn: You are lucky to be saved! You would end up watching it and then lose some brains. It happened to me.

Fashionfix: First off, welcome! Second, anyone who agrees with me is always right.

TCL: You'll be disappointed, but it's a necessary disappointment. Like finding out there's no Santa.

Emma: You are being generous, but I admire that. My bf wanted me to rip her a new one, as they say, but I am afraid she googles herself.

Wendy: Thanks! LOL. It was a trying photo shoot.

JDB: Agreed. Breathtaking. I wish I knew how much it was, so I could start saving and buy it after I buy Wendy's stuff.

Sarah B: I revised the post to reflect the fact that I knew that, but thank ye!

Miznyc: Welcome!

Ambika: Give it a shot. We could all start a community blog about it's shiver-inducing content.

Atelier: Isn't it beautiful? The woman knows her way around geodes.

Sally Jane: Thatta girl! You tell her! I felt bad writing something like idiot shivers because, as I said in above comment, I have a sneaking suspicion Ms. London googles herself. But too true.

Sarah B. said...

The producers of Shut Up! emailed me last winter and asked if Cringe readers could come on the show, since we were all going to be in the TLC family. I'm really glad that didn't go down.

riz said...

Yeah whatever happened to that Shut Up show?? Well I guess you just explained it. And her changing her persona would totally kill the point of her having a show, for me.

VikingGirl01 said...

After seeing the show I went to the ROCKRAS site, too. I found the geode and diamond pendant (the one you posted third) mesmerizing and I emailed the info@ address. The designer herself responded. She sent more images and pricing and I am looking forward to getting my first piece (a ring) which I ordered from her directly. FYI the geode and diamond pendant is $2500. It might be my next purchase. No idea about the other pieces that you posted.
Also, the show was, as you said, almost unbearable. It was exhausting and kind of all over the place - totally unfocused. Besides, I thought SL was going to hop on RR's lap and start making out with her-she seemed totally enamored!
I like watching SL do makeovers. I do not enjoy her random, unfocused program.