Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gone Fishing

You may have noticed that this week I've been blogging up a storm? (If you are going by my usual schedule, anyhow.) Perhaps it's a touch of guilt as next week I will be on vacation. No blogging until next Friday, at which point we will celebrate my one year bloggiversary (July 25th) with a giveaway!!!
My very first post came only days after my return last year from the Cape, a place I go every year with my ever dwindling group of family members who deign to come. We get a cottage, I have to sleep in the same room as my mom, some of the time it is torture. That's all you need to know, I think. You probably should read it--I doubt anyone has except the BF and our very own Wendy Brandes, who was my very first commenter!

This is actually called Cape Cod style jewelry. It's everywhere up there. Sterling bracelet, $65

I never understood these basket necklaces, but they are seemingly mandatory in every gift shop and as of two years ago, I think they are pretty cute.
Nantucket Basket Necklace with miniature penny inside, $30

Obviously the nautical theme is pretty popular. Scallop and starfish bracelet, $225:

Rope bracelets included in the nautical-ness... Friendship Rope Bracelet, $4.95 :

Also, the BF and I got up at 7:30 AM (on a SATURDAY) to make the 9:45 AM Batman. We were definitely not the only ones and I highly recommend it. Very good movie.


fashion herald said...

adorable, i love the basket! so cool you got up early to see batman - just watched Batman Begins last night and was blown away and can't wait to see the new one.

WendyB said...

Oh my! This means my blogversary is coming up too!

Have a great trip.

LML said...

cool rope jewelry - i have been playing around with some multi colored boat rope, im trying to make cool necklaces out of them - we shall see how they turn out!

The Seeker said...

very nice and cool jewelry.
Hope you'll have a great trip. Enjoy and have fun (as much as you could)
I'll look forward to your bloggiversary and I got curious about your first post, so I'll read it.


enc said...

I had one of those rope bracelets. They were the thing in my group for awhile. I like that basket necklace, I have to admit.

enc said...

I just read your first post, and I liked it. You're doing a nice job with this blog!

The Clothes Horse said...

These are all so great and unique. The little basket is especially cool!

Sal said...

I also had one of those big rope bracelets ages ago. Aren't they called fisherman's bracelets, or some such nonsense?

Have a lovely trip. Hope mom don't snore.

ambika said...

Have fun on your vacation! Love the Cape Cod-esque jewelry--especially that little basket.

Times of Glory said...

Those are affordable and cool jewellery! Hope you have a great trip! Loads of fun, dear! I am now going to read your very first post :)

Mr. Bungle said...

Those baskets are one of the main artisan crafts on Nantucket, and a real one of average size costs about $300. They are called Lightship Baskets.

pistols at dawn said...

Blog-o-versary-tastic. Two hyphens is the highest level of compliment I give, and they totally make up for the sub par-itude of the compliment itself.

Fashion Tidbits said...

oooh! i like the rope bracelets!

So'Fashion said...

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