Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Losing Out to the Heat

Big work stuff going day today and my head is still spinning. The only cure seems to be some "Cheap Chic" from perennial favorite Twist. After all, there is a recession on...

Nikki Butler Blue Quartz Necklace, $62

Jane Diaz Silver Sculpted Earrings, $52

Ronni Kappos Multi-Charm Bracelet, $122

Tai Brass and Silver Bead Necklace, $78

A couple more from ebay.... these'll stop as soon as I've exhausted my summer cleaning haul, which should be soon. Oh, the horror of taking these pictures!

Sheer Vintage Dress
Colorful Vintage Rope Back Dress

Lastly (if you made it this far), I really can't recommend Deerhunter's Microcastles enough! Such great lazy afternoon music.

Also, the lovely Stitches and Threads bestowed upon me a beloved tag, which I will get to this week. Yay!


pistols at dawn said...

I've noticed that often, when I've paid my power bill, my freezer is cold. You should check yours out to see if it's the same.

WendyB said...

Love the colorful dress. Re the swan ring, I'll email you a price when I get home this weekend and can check it. It's so new I don't remember.

enc said...

I love both those dresses on you. But I understand with that Mount Fuji-level pile of clothes you own, you can't keep everything!

Sal said...

That charm bracelet calls to me. I always love multicolored pieces, though I have such a time matching them to actual CLOTHES.

You look lovely, lovely, lovely in your soon-to-be-someone-else's dresses.

ambika said...

I agree with enc--these are gorgeous, colorful dresses that seem so perfect for summer. But I totally know how it goes when your closet taunts you with things you never where. Sigh.

atelier said...

the colours of the second dress are awesome. I like the second pair of earrings

Heather said...

I've been super tempted to sell my stuff on eBay lately.

Jules said...

are you actually selling these? these are pretty nice dresses. :)


anica boutique said...

i'd like to rope me a dress like that masterpiece pastelpiece!

p.s. interested in adding us to your list of dahlings, dahling? http://anicaboutiqueblog.blogspot.com/

krissy said...

you should keep that top dress with the crisscross front (top pic). it's really cute and looks nice on you too. oh well...i guess we all need to declutter sometimes.

i love that multicoloured charm bracelet too.

hope you're having a lovely vacation!