Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To Sum

Calcite & Calcite Bead Necklace by Becky Kelso, $765

Today's post will have to be in bullet form; my brain is taxed from too much thinking-type stuff that happened yesterday:
*Building is okay, a couple of apartments damaged but nobody hurt
*Apparently, when our building was built, they were using newspaper for insulation
*So, duh, fire
*The same night, I thought I left my space heater on at work and had to go back to check
*I had been at a bar
*It was very cold out
*The space heater was off
*At a bar with people from high school
*Whole thing was very bizarre--they were the popular people
*I wasn't
*They looked exactly the same
*However, I did not
*Heather and some other folks mentioned leaving on hair implements, which was in perfect harmony with an e-mail Wendy and I had going back in forth
*In which I described the night I totally and completely forgot to lock the office, didn't realize until I got home (hour ride) and had to take a 5:30 AM train to make it in before anyone else
*Was so tired

Gothic Pendant by Arman, $1890


riz said...

So glad to hear you are okay and your stuff wasn't damaged really...both these necklaces are gorgeous.

WendyB said...

Leaving the office unlocked was really must have seemed like the last straw!