Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Light as a... (Feather Jewelry)

Yesterday's post was giving me major agita what with it's pictures not showing up and all, so it's been summarily deleted. Swimming with the internet fishies, if you will.

Today's the start of what I like to call "The Miserable Cold Ones." Christmas does it's best to ward off the sad, but it begins to press down as the thermometer drops. It was so cold today, that I didn't even go outside for lunch. Not only did I not go outside, I ordered in! I never order in. I won't go into the fact that the delivery guy didn't carry any singles so I ended up giving him a $4 tip on a $5 order, oh no, not a word from me. Now I am working my way through a bag of Raisinets (the only candy in the machine with "proven antioxidant power!) and trying to figure out today's post.

I'm thinking feathers. I remember editor once saying that she liked a good, solid piece of feather jewelry. Better than snow, I say.

Feather Ring with Diamonds by Grainger McKoy, $475 (silver)

Light as a Feather Antique Gold Necklace, $24

ASOS LUXE Stone Encrusted Feather Earrings, £28.00

Beadkeepers Feather Ring, $45 (Can make a feather from your favorite birdie into a ring!)

Peggy Li Feather Necklace, $59

Gold Peacock Feather Earrings, $56

Corinne Hamak ring

Relic Sacred Feather necklace at MmeFortuna's Etsy shop, $185

Feather Bangle, $9.99

Nabi Gold Feather Necklace, $96

There's a fairly popular Dior feather ring, but I didn't post it because (and I apologize in advance, designers at Dior) it looks like ass.


Oh, okay! You've nagged me enough!
Here she is:


The Clothes Horse said...

The ring with the feather is amazing and I love silver feather jewelry and bird jewelry. I think they imply flight and freedom and that draws me to them.

WendyB said...

That ring with the white feather is great. Did you check out Cathy Waterman? She has lots of feather pieces!

In Yr Fshn said...

TCH: Totally agree. There's something very light and beautiful about feathers and metals mixed together.

WB: I feel like I am always posting Cathy Waterman. I try to spread the love, though her stuff is awesome. I thought you'd like that ring! Don't know if you say, but the jeweler said it would be a great ring for a party. I like that idea.

WendyB said...

Yes, Cathy Waterman is not suffering from lack of exposure, I must admit! That's cute about a party piece. I often tell my customers where I envision them wearing something! It gives a person something to work with.

Lynn said...

Yeah I think the Dior ring has too many different things on it. The first one's cool though. :] Sorry you're not liking the weather. It is pretty chilly out, but I have a really dorky looking ski jacket that's super warm.

Heather said...

I love the feather ring too! The Dior one is very shiny, I could agree. I love the idea of making a ring from your favorite feather as well! For some people, it could have huge personal significance.

Vintage Bunny said...

I love that Asos Luxe one.
I have to thank you for educating me,the other day I saw a ring that you had featured and I recognised the name !All in the name of education!
Love your new picture

penelope said...

love the ring with the peacock feather!! and of course!! those earrings are fabbb!!!!!

atelier said...

my fav is the ring, it's amazing, I love it!

Lady N said...

All gorgeous! I don't want to go outside either - its snowy & cold here!

Kori said...

Oh, I so LOVE these!

Valley Girl said...

Oh, I've been wanting a gold feather pendant necklace for so long!!!

riz said...

i quite like all of these actually as I'm really into feathers. Don't know how cumbersome it would be to wear the ring with the upright feathers...The Dior ring is a bit garrish

discothequechic said...

Oh, the feather bangle and the antique pendant..

how pretty!

to wear with our feathered Lily et Cie style dresses of course.

I'm thinking feathers will go far in 2008, non?

Thanks to Olivier Theyskens.

Fashionista said...

Nice post! I love the necklace!

I recently was given a really unique glass sea feather bracelet that you should check out. The colors are so vibrant and it's a really unique piece.

It's the Oceanic "sea feather" Bracelet from Artfulwears.com. Each piece is truly one of a kind and made with pure gold and silver that bring a unique twist to any outfit!

jdbsusanna said...

I love the ASOS earrings! I loove ASOS. They are great.