Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do You Have the Time?

I just can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching! I feel like I haven't got the time to do anything: cookies to be made, presents to be bought, presents to be wrapped, tree to pick out... man, I'm gonna be busy this weekend.

That got me thinking about watches, and how much I adore a good vintage watch find. There are some wonderful timepieces to be found in thrift stores, but they usually need a little work. The fully restored ones are a dream for most of us, but so lovely to look at:

Ladies 1950's Vintage Bracelet Watch, $1250

Ladies Antique Wittnauer 1940's Watch, $250

18K and White Gold (with diamonds) Bucherer Ladies Watch, $375

Deadstock Funky 1960's Ladies Croton Troparctic Watch, $99

Ernest Borel Cocktail Watch, $325

Verger Art Nouveau Watch with Pearls, Platinum and diamonds, Circa 1913 (hand painted face), $19,000
(Note: Verger was a famous Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewelry designer who produced pieces for many high end jewelry shops like Cartier)

1950's Pink 18K LeCoultre Watch, $1750

(Aside: My boss is laughing so hard in his office, I'm afraid he may burst something! He's been going for like, five minutes straight now.)


Vintage Bunny said...

Hope your boss busts a gut.....!!!
I love vintage watches,I buy them at estate sales and send them to India to be repaired.They charge like 2-3 dollars and Voila good as new!!!

WendyB said...

The Verger is beautiful.

The Clothes Horse said...

As soon as I scrolled to the Art Nouveau one I wanted it! Before I even saw it was labeled "art nouveau" and saw the horrifying price tag. Surely it is a curse to have expensive taste!
And yes, the clock is ticking for Christmas.

jdbsusanna said...

I love watches. It's impossible to have to many! I think the last one is especially nice.

riz said...

Ok if I know next to nothing about jewelry, I know absolutely jack about watches. The ones you have selected are fab...but how does one sport an antique watch??

Anonymous said...

Watches are so cool. But sadly I rarely wear one, as I usually have my cell phone with me at all times. Eleven days til Christmas. Ahh.. So little time!

Heather said...

Vintage watches are the way to go! I can't pick a favorite.

Valley Girl said...

Exquisite finds!

LML said...

ill have that one for $19000 - thanks! its BEAUTIFUL!!!
very cool post :)

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!
Ohh I love that first watch it looks like a beautiful bracelet!
You always find the most unique pieces!

Anonymous said...

That first one just reaffirms my love for shiny things. Too bad there's tuition to pay for instead! Lovely as always!

atelier said...

My fav is the first one, it's lovely, I think old vintage clocks are nice, but that one is so beautiful! great post

Anonymous said...

love the Croton watch, so neat!