Monday, July 30, 2007

View from This Angle

This rainy weekend gave me a lot of time to think about my next post. I should mention that I take the weekend off from computers; something I do for several reasons:

1. The computer at home is so slow it makes me want to get in the car and run over people. Considering the time it takes for two pages to load, that is definitely an activity I would be able to fit in.
2. I'm on the computer all week. My eyes start to cross on Thursday. I need that break!
3. My boyfriend plays fantasy baseball. (If this isn't self-explanatory, let's just say that he makes a lot of rash decisions on his team and often urgently needs the computer to... I'm not sure. Do something about players or baseball.)

But all that's good because I can read and pet the cats and think about what jewelry I'd like to write about on Monday.

I've been thinking a lot about shape and how a design can either be beautiful or horrendus depending on what shape is used to frame it. Today, I'm going to post some square and rectangle pendant necklaces. I've always loved the angles on these pieces, especially how they pop on the curve of skin. The corners often play really well off rounded square collars; they echo the clothing's design and draw attention to both the jewelry and what I think it the loveliest part of the body: the collarbone.

Top to bottom:

*Asymmetrical Necklace from Smallthings Designs $73, Bird style of Asymmetrical Necklace (which I happen to have)--these are really glorious in person and so worth the two week wait--all of the lines from smallthings are worth looking at and ultimately buying! I get so many compiments on this necklace.
* Layered Leaf necklace from Nancy Yeaw $50.
* Pussy Willow Necklace from Alisha Louise $100 each.
* Long Cherry Necklace from Amy Bengston, price subject to change based on choice of materials---metal and wood. The one pictured is $89.
* Deco Shells Necklace by Alisha Louise $120. This is available in 16 colors! I hate to post on designer twice, but I really liked all of her pieces.
* A little bling at the end! Moulinet Necklace from Gigi Caron Jewelry $450.

The links for all of the above can be found to the right. The second through fifth are from stars and infinite darkness.


WendyB said...

I love pussy willows! Cute pendants.

Michael Nelson said...

Actually, usually what I am doing is checking the scores of the various games in which my players are involved, then checking to see if any pitchers have lost or gained "closer" roles, then checking to see if any major players have been injured or traded, and so on. As for "rash decisions"...I suppose I have made a few. I simply won't tolerate a losing attitude from my players!

In Yr Fshn said...
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In Yr Fshn said...

Isn't that what I said, love? "Do something about players and baseball." Sounds exactly the same to me...

Also, Matsui will never let you down

(And stop trying to turn this into a baseball blog!)