Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going Natural with Alex Monroe

I want to say that lately there's been a rash of nature themed jewelry, but that's not true. It's not recent: nature has inspired jewelry since the very beginning. But lately, nature has been pared down and the jewelry that results from this minimalism is really spare, and very pretty. Sort of Scandanavian, I think. Also, I don't think I'm the only who is sick and tired of birds, but I understand how hard it is to let the little winged things go: they make for ridiculously delicate silhouettes on all forms of jewelry.

Here's some pieces by Alex Monroe (linked to the right); a few from several collections. The prices are a bit high--for me, anyhow--but they seem worth the investment. (At first, you are lulled into dreams of ownership. Only 95 you say? I could do that! But then you see it is British Pounds and you cry. And begin your Christmas list in July.)

Anyhow, the collections are all chock full of birds, butterflies and flowers, and breathtaking, as you can see. They also come in silver.

(My personal favorite is the achingly fragile tiny butterfy ring)

More au naturale upcoming, but Mr. Monroe really deserved his own post.


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I adore that birdy necklace, it's divine!

I might be pushing a very stupid idea out into the open right now...
but if you're really desperate for something i could try and get it for you and send it over?? As i know websites take the p**s with their shipping charges!!