Friday, June 20, 2008

Pearls! And Flight of the Conchords! And SATC!

The thing is, I really am on about 50 jewelry websites a day but somehow once I get here, I just want to post about what I've been doing all day.

Does anyone have thoughts on Flight of the Conchords? I was bored one day and out of various DVR'ed episodes of You Are What You Eat and Gilmore Girls (I know, it's like estrogen-ville around here), so I took advantage of on demand HBO and watched the first episode.

(Image from

It was weird. I rarely laugh out loud at things and this was no different, but there was definitely some sort fascination happening. Read the description here if you've never heard of the show because even though I feel like not much happens, it's a little overwhelming to describe. BF sat in on the second episode and fell in love (and is obsessed with one of the guys, Jemaine, because "he looks like Simpsons character in real life"), which made me like it a little more. My favorite line from a song so far? "And when you're on the street, depending on the street, I bet you are definitely in the top three good-looking girls on the street. Depending on the street. "

Watch that scene here.

Now, the other day lovely Penelope of I Heart Clothes! asked if I asked if could weigh in on a jewelry trend a lot of folks probably saw recently: Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex in the City movie wearing the heck out of a long pearl necklace that looked oddly fake to me. I got it though: sort of preppy but taking preppy back and making it edgy like Alexander McQueen and plaid or something. You know how Carrie rolls:

(pic from This is London and yes, that was the only picture I could find that showed the pearls and also, yes, this was under the headline "Carrie Bradshaw Caught in fashion Nightmare")

Pearls have always appealed to me; I'm a big fan of modesty which is what pearls seem to imply (or you be glass-is-half-empty type and think they look stuffy) and really, pearls go with everything. I like a long string of pearls and plain tank just as much a collar pearl necklace with a 50's silhouette dress.

For all the SATC obessives out there, the J.R. Dunn blog reports that the actual necklace in the movie was an opera length white pearl strand by Mikimoto and it retails for $11,900.

If you are in it purely for the trend, you can't do better than:

Multi-strand Pearl Necklace at F21, $5.80

Peggy Li has an interesting take on the traditional style:

Pearl and sterling necklace by Peggy Li, $110

I love the ribbon on this one:

Ribbon-tied Long Pearl Necklace at J. Crew, $200

It's hard to buy authentic pearls in general and even tougher online. I would advise to either go to a reputable jeweler for a real strand or look for faux while shopping the Internet.

Flapper Baroque Pearl Necklace (61"), $45 [faux]

Elegant 160 cm Pearl Necklace, $38

Faux Pearl and Satin Bow Necklace at Speigel, $19

Hello Kitty is even getting in on the action:

Hello Kitty Long pearl Necklace by Tine Tarantino, $225

Though I like the basic strand, my favorite pearl necklaces have something a little different going on:

Honesty Necklace by Teleecouture, $40

Magnolia Tangle Necklace by t8Designs, $89

Sarah Necklace with White Pearl and White Topaz by Pamela Susan, $59

Please let me know if I missed anything you were looking for.
Onward now, to the Met I think. Their show on superheroes and fashion looks intriguing.


WendyB said...

I did my Wilma necklace because I hate the traditional strand of pearls, so I was amused by the idea of taking big white rocks and making them look like crazy cartoon pearl

The Seeker said...

I love pearls!!
They're so classy and elegant.
I have some sort of fake ones, and a little necklace that the pearls are from culture.
That's what I can afford :(


Sharon said...

That tangle necklace is delicious! I have a fake long strand set from Claire's that I used to love...perhaps I'll give it another debut, it's been awhile.

Flight of the Conchords, omg! I lurve it. I'm obsessed with their crazy fan who wants to eat their faces when she sees them.

enc said...

I love FOTC. A LOT.

Sal said...

More proof that me and ENC were separated at birth. FOTC RULE. That show is one of the only examples of make-the-audience-feel-awkward humor that I enjoy. Can't do The Office, couldn't handle Arrested Development. Worship at the altar of Flight of the Conchords. Their studio album is great, too - much more polished than the versions you'll hear on the show. Wish you lived in Mpls, girl, I'd lend you the DVDs!

I am a pearl fanatic, but don't own a single real one unless you count freshwater. And I agree that their main appeal is the invocation of modesty. Even if you pair them with something racy, creating an intriguing dichotomy.

jdbsusanna said...

I love pearls. They're definitely my favorite "stone." So sad they're so delicate. I really like the teleecouture necklace. Simple, delicate and very pretty.

pistols at dawn said...

I do like the Conchords. And they are weirdly cultish - friends of mine have spent hours quoting/singing lines for the past week, and it's becoming increasingly irksome.