Monday, June 16, 2008


It's already been a week since my last post? How time flies once the weather starts shaping up.
I'm working on a long one, requested by Penelope of I <3 Clothes, about Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker's recent penchant for pearl necklaces. That should be up by Wednesday.

Today, however, I'll post another thing item that eludes me... an acrylic collar-style necklace. Why, oh why can I not find the perfect one? I came close when reading a post by LC of the wonderful Fops and Dandies, but once I meandered over the site of the jeweler she posted, I found that the necklace was a little too ornate. Not enough bold collar-ness happening. Another close call came at a local boutique... just not close enough. Here are some of those near misses, with a few other interesting pieces that came up on my acrylic quest on etsy.
(And thanks for previous recommendations folks; I do know about alchemy. I just prefer the hunt.)

Migration Out to Sea Necklace by Paraphenelia, $25
[This reminds me of Miss Sarah Brown of Que Sera Sera fame, who always seems to be wearing a great boat necklace]

Black Acrylic Laser Cut Necklace by Marmod8, $25
[as seen on Fops and Dandies]

Reversible Chesire Chain by Beyondwonderland, $39.90
[as seen in Candy Plum--local Astoria boutique]

Black Nouveau Necklace by soigne, $60

This is the one I may end up ordering... you might recognize a similar design from a past Friday Favorites. Love that honeycomb-style shape:

Hexagonal Necklace by Brevity, $30

Ooh and look at another in the Brevity shop:

Cellular 1 Necklace [sold out, but it looks like they will make a custom necklace if you like the design] [Oh, she has a separate non-etsy online shop!]

Off topic, a little, but I think this ring is very interesting:

Black and White Acrylic Ring by Aubeebop, $30


WendyB said...

That ring could also protect you from muggers.

Times of Glory said...

Acrylic collar-style necklaces are perfect for summer! I love this post! They will be usuful, when we find "too empty" on out collar bone! I don't even have one, but now I really considering!

riz said...

I LOVE ACRYLIC necklaces!!!!!! I might actually seek these out online at etsy. I cannot wait for the SATC pearls post. (I bet it will beat Glenda Bailey's editor's note on pearls in the new Harper's Bazaar, which was so not an exciting read!) ;)

Sal said...

I've been on the fence about acrylic jewelry for a while, but these are some fabulous finds!

The Seeker said...

How great these are, I'm not much into #1, but it's a personal issue, because I don't like those boats in everything.
I love all of them from #2 to the end.
Awesome finds and I'll look for your post.


enc said...

I like the idea of acrylic jewelry, especially that honeycomb necklace.

atelier said...

the first one with the boat looks really great. Original and fresh, perfect for summer!

Anna said...

Thanks for including my two necklaces in your blog post...Since opening my own shop, I haven't been so good about keeping the etsy shop stocked, but am trying to remember to...

penelope said...

wow i;m so excited about the pearls post((: thanks for doing that! anyway; i love the chesire chain! it's so cute!

and do order the honeycomb design! it's very pretty(((: