Monday, June 9, 2008

Kitties Playing Dead

Hot one, eh? It was the kind of weather that made you think about taking a nap even if you'd just slept a satisfying nine hours. BF and I sat around a lot talking about how hot it was and then we went out to air-conditioned restaurants to drink cocktails and get our appetites back. Oh, if you're in the Astoria area, I'd recommend Sparrow for excellent burgers and interesting decor. The Shirley Temple wasn't anything to write home about, but the BF enjoyed his specialty beer.

So, what else? The cats couldn't move more than three inches at a time; needless to say, there was a lot of this going on (And I am SO embarrassed by how fat they look here--I swear, the angle added five or so pounds!):

I wore dresses (and tried to do spontaneous poses, but man, I just can't):

(Dress from Forever 21)

(Dress from Century 21... and the hair went up immediately after this was taken.)

...Cringed while reading about Ambika's encounter with cicadas...

And thought about jewelry that looked like the sun:

Lemon Vine Earrings by Sarita108, $52

Yellow Thread Bracelet with Silver Chain by Beth Orduna, $225

Yellow Rutilated Quartz and Hammered Silver Ring, $118

Long Sun Drops Necklace by Stephanie Gibson, $54

I also listened to a lot of music: Lykke Li (the sweet-voiced female counterpart to Peter, Bjorn and John), the new Deerhunter called Microcastle (a band I never much cared for as psychedelic ambient punk, etc. is not really my bag, but I can get behind the new one... very poppy in a way), and a couple more runs through the newest Wolf Parade which is nothing less than amazing. Is Weezer breaking anyone else's heart? For like, the fifth time?

As Delany commented last week, I did have a blink-and-you'll-miss-it music blog, but I got blogger cold feet. I don't make any great efforts to hide my identity here, but I really don't advertise to people I know that I've got a blog. It's probably something all of us struggle with at one point or another, but I was concerned that the music blog would have become a little too personal in some ways.


WendyB said...

You look beautiful in those dresses. The kittehs are so funny. Do some music posts here when you're in the mood -- it's allowed! I give you permission.

The Clothes Horse said...

Pretty dresses. I really like the threaded bracelet, so interesting!
I really do like studying the way people change their behavior towards me on how I dress. I think this is part of the reason I want to see what it is like to be a blonde!

Sal said...

My cats do that wonderfully spreeeeaaad out thing, too, when they overheat. They also mysteriously choose to position themselves across doorjambs. Curious. Yours are a-dorable! But I'm sure you knew that.

Those frocks are superfab - hope they helped you keep your cool. And my gosh, I pray DAILY that Century 21 will make its way out to the wilds of MN someday. Hey, we got Trader Joe's by that route. It could happen.

I haven't ponied up for the full Weezer album yet, but I've listened to the single about sixty bajillion times. LOVE.

Sal said...

Hi again. Yes please to trading links - I've had you in my blogroll for weeks, but just changed to the vowel-free spelling. Thanks, lady!

The Seeker said...

The cats are so cuteeeeee, I'm a big fan of kitties ;)
You look so pretty in those dresses, they're lovely.
And what a great collection of jewelery...


pistols at dawn said...

What I've learned: you can be personal if you post often, because no one cares that much to figure anything out.

That, and dresses are not nearly so flattering to my birthing hips.

enc said...

You do look beautiful in those dresses. The kitties are cute!

eeps. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eeps. said...

er i meant to say, i love how much light your apartment gets! very jealous.

pammish said...

wow the kitties are cute!! :) *squeeze*

both dresses are lovely too.. aaah wish i cud wear 'em casually but im way way lazy!:)

Sharon said...

I spent most of the weekend wiping my sweaty face with tissues -- this is why old people have hakerchiefs, right?! -- and am once again not surprised you can't take a bad picture even in the sweltery swampiness. I heart both of those dresses so! And your cats are sweet. Annnnnd, pleeeeease do a music blog -- I'm PO'd I missed the blinky post -- because I really like your music recs and you know what you're talking about! Do it! Just keep it secret (but tell me about it).

ambika said...

Oh my gosh, how darling are you in your dresses! I wish I could wear a halter. Ah well.

The jewelry pics are gorgeous, too. Those earrings are just mouthwatering.

atelier said...

Those dresses are really flattering on you! and your cats are so lovely!!

Alya said...

the Stephanie Gibson necklace is so cool.. I might order one now..

I loved your look in the red and white dress ;)

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