Wednesday, April 23, 2008


OMG so much stuff to unpack. Update tomorrow.


enc said...

See you soon!

For the Love of Jewels.... said...

Hope the move is going well! I have been following you for months now and wishing you well. Sorry to use the "comment" section but I didn't see an email address to reach you otherwise.

I have some new hand wire-crocheted artisan jewelry pieces on my website: that are unusual and that I've not seen elsewhere. I hope you will consider featuring them on your blog.

Especially with Mother's Day coming up, my simple, pure and natural jewelry made with precious metals and semi-precious stones, corals and pearls might be the right gift choice.

I can also offer your readers a 15%discount and with a little notice, I can custom make many of the pieces seen on my site using specific stones. I am a big believer in the power of stones to enhance our lives so a piece of jewelry using specific stones that address a need might be a particularly meaningful gift. All my pieces come with free shipping and gift wrap and I include a small paper that features the powers of the stones used.

Thanks for your consideration!