Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Favorites: Dancing with Dusters

It's been kind of a hectic, yo-yo week. The sort of week where I wake up with an achy jaw every morning and know I've been grinding my teeth at night. I mentioned way back when that my company was being sold to a much larger company. As of Monday, the deal was off. Tuesday? Back on. Wednesday? Off. Today? Meetings to see if maybe it can be back on. Madness.

Anyhow, to get my mind off this stuff I can't really control, I've been listening to music and perusing jewelry... and just in time for Friday Favorites!

1. The new albums from Fleet Foxes (Ragged Wood) and Tokyo Police Club (Elephant Shell). Sit in a big comfy chair and look out of the window for the Fleet Foxes one (I like the song "English House"). Drive fast on a highway or go clean your room and jump around with the duster for the Tokyo Police Club album. These have been on repeat in our house.

2. Re-issue of The Glow Pt. 2 by the Microphones. Before I had any conception of life as it is now; life on the beach, life with the fella, I used to drive down to Long Beach at 2 am (when the moon was full) and listen to this over and over again. On a portable CD player. It's a wonder I didn't get killed, now that I am thinking back. But I mostly remember being overwhelmed by how lovely the moon looked and how the waves were slightly scary in the dark.


Jane Tran Cherry Blossom Hair Clip, $22

Joy O Lucky Seven Necklace (Oxidized Silver and Creme Diamonds), $198

Crown Bangle by AV Max, $48

John Iverson Hydrangea Earrings, $790

Love of My Life ring by ArtisanImpact, $112


riz said...

I love the Microphones!! I hope you could post a list of awesome music to check out one day!

WendyB said...

Oh my, that's crazy about work!

atelier said...

I really like that ring, it's so different to the rest

LML said...

love the crown bracelet and vintage looking earrings - music really does help everything!

enc said...

That sounds like a rollercoaster ride at work. The jewelry is cute, though!

pistols at dawn said...

I have no more ability to differentiate bands. I usually don't realize this until mid-sentence, when I'll be attempting to refer to a hip-eight-years-ago band like The Walkmen or Forget Cassettes and I just end up making up band names to seem hip. "Yeah, the new Voices of Celery 7 inch is pretty cool," I say, knowing I haven't owned a record player in five years.

Anonymous said...

My parents are fine, thank goodness.

I hope the work situation settles down, I can't imagine how aggravating that would be.

And as for the jewelry... I was immediately drawn to the hydrangea earrings, of course the ones the most out of my budget! Boo.

Robine said...


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Sarah B. said...

I forgot about the Microphones! And I love your story about listening to them at the beach.

Amy Clarke said...

The ring is beautiful, and I love the hair pin/clip.

I grind my teeth at night when I'm stressed too - maybe you could get one of those mouth guard things to bite down on?

The Clothes Horse said...

I like the little earrings, so spring-y.

Sharon said...

It's a shame about work; hopefully it'll get sorted soon?

I, too, always enjoy it when you post about music. My favorite song on Elephant Shell is Your English Is Good. It makes me want to skip.